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Alternate Side Parking fines likely to triple in La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. - If you park your car on the street in La Crosse, you better start paying extra close attention to where you park it, especially after a significant snowfall.

La Crosse's Committee of the Whole voted Tuesday night to triple the fine for the city's alternate side parking ordinance. That means the current $10 ticket would cost you $30. The ordinance changes would also allow for cars to be towed at the police department's discretion.

The changes would only be in effect after the city declares a 48 hour snow removal period.


"It's all intended just to get people to be responsible.  It's not that we want to be out there ticketing, but why should the nieghbors, buses and the snow removal people all have to put up with this extra snow they're not able to eliminate," said council president Audrey Kader.

The ordinance changes still need a formal vote from the full council on Thursday.

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