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Ag expert: productive corn crop in Wis. despite weather

Most corn taller than knee-high

Productive Corn Crop

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - An agriculture expert says Wisconsin's corn crop is having a productive year.

Even with a late start to the planting season because of the wet spring and the recent flooding, things are looking pretty good.

The expert says if we see some warmer days ahead, the corn will start to grow rapidly. "Some of the corn fields we're talking shoulder high or even more for some of the corn that's out there, certainly some areas that got some late planting in, that might be a little shorter, but overall I would say the general theory of 'knee high by the Fourth of July' is at or exceeded right now," said UW-Extension Ag Agent Steve Huntzicker.

He says soybean crops are also coming along well, but farmers planting dry hay right now may face some challenges.

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