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Advisory referendum on BadgerCare to appear on La Crosse Co. ballot

Advisory Referendum on BadgerCare

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - La Crosse County voters will be asked if they want the state to accept federal funds for BadgerCare when they head to the polls later this year.

The County Board approved adding the advisory referendum to the November ballot.

BadgerCare is a program to provide healthcare to low income residents.

Governor Scott Walker rejected those federal dollars last year saying he had a better plan for low income people and because of concerns the government wouldn't meet its funding promise.

Opponents of the move who pushed for the referendum say 38,000 Wisconsinites are now without health insurance because of the changes.

Eight other counties also have this on the ballot and more may follow.

Again, it is only an advisory referendum meaning the results don't have an immediate impact.

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