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50th annual Christmas party at Sparta community home

SPARTA, WI (WKBT) - Some Sparta residents got an early taste of Christmas Wednesday. 

The Cataract United Methodist Women hosted the 50th annual Christmas party  for residents at Morrow Home Community.

Ladies at the church worked throughout the year to make corsages, centerpieces, and recipes.

For the past 49 years, residents have traveled to the church to celebrate. But this year, the church brought the party to the residents. "It's kind of been one of the main events of the year. It's the one that everyone wants to go to if they're physically able to go, and if it doesn't snow. This year they're just really excited that we really didn't have to limit," said Christine Vian from Morrow Home Community.

Residents also helped make desserts for the Christmas party.   


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