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50 year old time capsule from Franklin Elementary opened

LA CROSSE, WI - Students of past and present enjoyed a history lesson Tuesday on La Crosse's Northside Elementary School.

A time capsule from more than 50 years ago at Franklin Elementary was opened for the public.

Fifth grade students did the research to find the time capsule in the old building's cornerstone.

Once it was opened, staff worked on contacting the people whose names were found inside. It contained pieces of the school's history; things like tests, pictures, and newspaper articles.

"I was really surprised at how thorough they were. I think they did an excellent job putting together the contents of a time capsule that reflected the times," said 5th grade Northside Elementary teacher Debra Keller.

The teacher thinks there may be more time capsules buried where Franklin stood, and wonders what they'll find at Roosevelt.

Students are also putting together a new time capsule for future generations to find.


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