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4,000 gallons of free milk handed out in La Crosse

About 2,500 people impacted

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The Hunger Task Force says about 2,500 people were impacted by Tuesday's free milk handout.

The executive director of the organization, Shelly Krause says they gave away 1,080 crates of milk to people from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Krause says only one gallon of milk was wasted; it fell on the ground.


A Wisconsin company performs one last good deed before being forced to close its doors.

Milwaukee-based Golden Guernsey Dairy still had eight semis full of milk when the company went bankrupt earlier this month.

Instead of letting it go to waste, trucks of milk are going across the state to food pantries, like the Hunger Task Force of La Crosse.

On Tuesday afternoon, all of the milk was distributed at the Bridgeview Plaza on the city's northside. While supplies lasted, you could get your fill.


It was a long line all day for people to get their share, but those we talked to said it was worth the wait.

"I think it's just a marvelous idea to have all this milk be given away instead of being given away to the hogs or something," said Carol Faas.

"I mean why dump it? Why waste it? I mean, heavenly days, we have kids in the neighborhood who could use this, that's for sure," said Carol Huber.

About 4,000 gallons of milk made it to our area today.

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