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22nd Annual Chili Cook-off results

LA CROSSE, WI - Community members got a chance to try more than 20 different kinds of chili as part of the 22nd annual Chili Cook Off in Riverside Park.

Participants from all over the coulee region including some of our own from News 8 took part in the event. 

Each of the 23 different chilis were judged by local celebrities and the general public could also vote for their favorite. 

The Presidents Choice went to The Center for Chiropractic. The Chefs Choice went to 95.7 The Rock. 

For the popular vote, first place went to Longfellow Middle School FCCLA. Second place went to People's Food Co-op. Third place went to the Big Blue Dragon Boat Race-Mayo Clinic. 

While the competition is fun, the cook-off serves a greater purpose.


"I think it's really fun to do something community focused and family focused. This is a great non-alcoholic, fun, fall afternoon to get out and do something and it's something for everybody," said Jodi Ehrenberger, assistant vice president at State Bank Financial.

All proceeds from the cook off go D.A.R.E, the La Crosse Public Education Foundation, and G.R.E.A.T. 

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