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West Salem School District rethinks failed referendum

District plans for the future referendums

West Salem School District rethinks failed referendum

WEST SALEM, Wis. (WKBT) - In April the West Salem School district failed to pass its referendum to build a new middle school.

Now the district is looking at not only what went wrong, but what it can do better next time around. The district is looking at using more in-depth surveys to get a better understanding of the public's concerns. They will also use the data from the surveys to provide better back ground information in future referendums.

The district's Superintendent, Troy Gundersen says one of its biggest problems in failing to pass the referendum was the lack of communication between the district and the voters.

"Once the campaign starts you start to get people communicating who are admittedly in favor of this and people who are admittedly opposed to this. So how much information sort of clouds your judgment, what did the district provide in terms of accurate sort of  non biased information," said Gundersen.

The school district is also planning on expanding its property. Superintendent Gundersen said the district is expected to buy 25 acres of land from the county to add to its campus.

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