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U.S. Coast Guard asks boaters to take extra precautions

DRESBACH, Minn. - The U.S. Coast Guard wants to remind you to stay safe out on the water this weekend.

The 4th of July weekend is traditionally a busy weekend for boaters out on the Mississippi River.

Ron Schmal, of the Coast Guard Auxillary, says the river level is high and the current is moving fast. While the Coast Guard want boaters to enjoy themselves, they also want to remind people to take extra precautions.

They say it's a good idea to make sure your boat is in good working order to have plenty of fuel and life jackets for everyone on board.

"Watch out for that debris in there and always, just like in driving, you don't put your seat belt on after the accident," Schmal said. "Put that life jacket on when you get into the boat and it's not just for the kids. If someone goes overboard, hit your head, we don't want there to be another fatality on there."

The river level is currently just above ten feet. That also means slow, no wake zones are in effect.

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