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Teen Car Control Clinic works to cut down teen driver fatalities

Gundersen Health System's clinic helps teens improve their skills

WINONA, MN - Gundersen Health System hosted a Teen Car Control Clinic Sunday at Southeast Technical College in Winona to help new, young drivers improve their skills.

Event organizers say their clinic offers teens a unique chance to learn different driving techniques in a controlled setting. 

"It's not the typical driving that you get in drivers ed," said Kim Lombard, trauma and injury prevention coordinator at Gundersen Health System.  "It's probably not the typical driving parents area going to be teaching teens. but really it's about being able to react quickly in a situation, being able to anticipate potential hazards around you on the road that you are experiencing while driving and really trying to hone in on those and prevent those crashes from happening.."  

Teens say the clinic isn't meant to teach them how to drive but to improve on the skills they already know.

"It's not what they teach you in drivers ed. It's way different, said teen driver Haley O'Neill. "It's takes the experience you already have having been driving, whereas drivers ed tell you what and what not to do before you even started driving so it helps clears up question you definitely are going to have."

For more information on the clinic, visit Gundersen Health System's Teen Car Control Clinic webpage.

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