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Students Making a Difference: The Cat Whisperer

LA CRESCENT, Minn. -- Most non-profit organizations depend on the help of volunteers to make what they do possible. And this month's Student Making a Difference is someone who helps fill that role for the La Crescent animal rescue.

La Crescent High School Junior Bridget Krage is in her 8th year of volunteering at the animal rescue.

She got involved after hearing the founder of the animal rescue speak to her girl scout troop in 4th grade. Her family then volunteered to be a foster home for a cat and they have been doing it ever since.

Now, Bridget helps with everything from cleaning the cat room to working with new cats that come in. She's even earned the nickname, "The Cat Whisperer."


"I'm able to work with the feral cats, like the ones that claw you and bite you when you try to pet them. So I tame them and that's kind of how I got the nickname," said Bridget Krage, La Crescent High School Junior.

Bridget just recently returned from a trip volunteering at the largest animal shelter in the world in Utah. She says the reason she does it is easy. "Because I love animals and it's really satisfying seeing them adopted and going to good homes," said Bridget.

And Bridget says she definitely wants to do something with animals when she gets older, maybe an animal behaviorist or something with rehabilitation.

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