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Students Making a Difference: Anti-bullying campaign

LA CRESCENT, Minn. - We all know the devastating effects bullying can have on a child, but a La Crescent student has decided to turn his experience with bullying into a positive that others can learn from.

Eighth grader Max Merrell has started his own t-shirt brand called "Me Infinity." He says the message behind the name is simple, "be yourself always."

Right now, he has nine different designs.

Max has also started his own website where he blogs about his experiences. He says he was bullied badly, especially when he was younger.


Max hopes other kids who are bullied see his t-shirts and read his blogs, and realize there's hope and it will get better.  "I hope to accomplish that kids can feel safe when they go to school and that they need to learn that life, it's going to have it's ups and down, but towards the end, it's going to add to something greater," said Max.

Max also says his parents have been by his side through the ups and downs. His mom says she couldn't be prouder. "A lot of times children who get bullied take guns to school or they harm themselves, he actually took a negative and turned it into a positive which is incredible," said Max's mom Heather. "What I watched him go through was torture for me as a parent and to see him do something creative and take that anger and that hurt and do something positive, we had to support him."

So far, Max has sold more than 70 t-shirts and he's gotten orders from all around the country.

Proceeds from the t-shirt sales are being split between the Megan Meier anti-bullying foundation, reinvestment into t-shirt sales, and saving for Max's college.

You can see the t-shirt designs for yourself and support max's cause at: meinfinity.com.

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