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St. Mary's alum brings Stanley Cup to campus

WINONA, MN - A St. Mary's alum showed off some serious hardware Friday.

The Chicago Blackhawk's president and CEO brought the Stanley Cup to his alma mater in Winona.

John McDonough graduated from St. Mary's in 1975. Thanks to his experience there, he knew he wanted to work in the world of sports.

He spent a number of years with the Chicago Cubs before taking the lead at the Blackhawks.

McDonough says everything for him started in Winona, and he wanted to show his appreciation for the community. "You're overwhelmed by a sense of humility and respect for the cup and respect for the people that came out and the ability to share this and make other people happy. We had a few thousand people in this fieldhouse today, and everybody walked away with a huge smile on their face," said McDonough.


When the Blackhawks won the championship in 2010, McDonough took the cup to his high school in the Chicago area.

He hopes he'll be able to bring the trophy back to Winona again next year.

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