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Packers fans run bar in enemy territory

DRESBACH, Minn. -- - The countdown to the Packers Vikings playoff match-up is on and businesses across the La Crosse area are gearing up for game day.

That includes two Packer fans who made a daring move and bought a business in enemy territory.

It's just 12 minutes from downtown La Crosse, but there's no doubt Pete's Bar in Dresbach is in Minnesota Vikings territory.

But even so,  two Packers fans decided it was the investment for them, buying it just a week ago.

As the Vikings and Packers face off at Lambeau Field Saturday night,  there's no doubt the rivalry will also be alive and well right here, at Pete's Bar.

Kyle Prentice and Mark Grade bought Pete's Bar in Dresbach, Minn. because it seemed like a good business opportunity.

"Nice little bar, great location, great clientele, even the Vikings fans. Mark Grade needed a partner, I was looking for an investment," said Prentice.


But it wasn't until after they took it over last Friday that they realized it also serves as a home to the Packers-Vikings rivalry.

"It was packed in here. We had a lot of food. We counted nine Crock Pots plugged in and there was a little bickering and bantering going back and forth but it was all friendly," said Grade.

If the duties of running their own business aren't enough of a challenge, add being Packers fans to the list, which leaves them very outnumbered by their staff.

"The women staff here are all Vikings fans and the men staff are Packers fans," said bartender Shelly Soper. "There are two men and five or six women."

Soper says she doesn't think it's hard to work for a boss who's a Packers fan because he's outnumbered by the other employees.

But even so, once the fans fill the bar, everyone's right at home.

"We're about a half-and-half mix. We've got quite a few Packers fans as well as quite a few Vikings fans," said Soper.

Grade spent time on Friday making some last-minute improvements in preparation for the big game.

"Last week the Packers Fans kind of congregated toward that back TV so I went and got us a little bigger TV. We're trying to cater to both sides once again," said Grade.

While they try and set their allegiances aside when it comes to business, on game day, all bets are off.

"I think it will be 28 to 21, Packers." said Prentice.

"I'm right with him," said Grade.

Grade and Prentice say when it all comes down to it, it is just a game they don't have control over.

They say they haven't let their loyalty to the Packers get in the way of running their business.

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