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More details released in Winona man's death

57-year-old found dead in pool of blood

More details released in Winona man's death

ROLLINGSTONE, Minn. (WKBT) - Winona County authorities have released more information about the man who was found dead outside a Rollingstone home late Sunday afternoon.

Sheriff Dave Brand said the 57-year-old Winona man appeared to have died from a combination of hypothermia and loss of blood, according to autopsy results. No suspects have been arrested in connection with his death, and Brand said there is no apparent threat to the community.

"We don't know if we've got a criminal case or not for sure, or if he fell down and harmed himself," Brand said.

According to authorities, the man was house-sitting in Rollingstone over the weekend, when the homeowners returned Sunday to find him face-down in a pool of blood in their backyard around 3:40 p.m. Sunday. Investigators believe he walked home alone from a bar Sunday morning around 1 a.m., where witnesses said he appeared fine. A blood trail nearly two blocks long indicates otherwise. 

"We found spots of coagulated blood and his reading glasses, that were laying there along side of the road, folded, not bent, not scratched," said Kraig Glover, lead investigator for the case.

"His lips were split, the right ear was split, so he bled all lot from there," Brand said. He added there were several lacerations on the man's head.

The man had no broken bones or similar injuries that could point toward violence or a hit-and-run car accident.

"The injuries on the head were a scrape, not a direct contact like if someone had hit him," Glover said. "There was no bruising or contusions to the head or the skull, no bleeding on the brain."

Deputies are treating the case as a suspicious death, though they haven't named a suspect and aren't even sure there is one. Brand said investigators will keep every possibility open as they search for an answer.

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