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MnDOT considering options for Hwy. 43 bridge improvements in Winona

WINONA, Minn. -- The collapse of the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis five years ago led to inspections on all bridges in Minnesota, including the highway 43 bridge in Winona.

Those inspections found some of the gusset plates were deficient and the bridge was closed for repairs in 2008 and reopened a short time later. Since then, the MnDOT has started moving forward with plans to improve the bridge.


Because it's a historic bridge, that would mean rehabbing it not replacing it. They are also considering adding a second two-lane bridge next to it.

Winona Mayor Jerry Miller supports that idea as long as traffic can keep flowing over the river. "Whatever happens we've made it very clear that we need to maintain the connection between Minnesota and Wisconsin here in Winona, I mean that's very important, we found that out in 2008 when the bridge was shut down how important that really is," said Miller.

MnDOT says they should have a decision on how they are moving forward by the end of the summer.

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