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Minnesota 7th-grader uses Heimlich to save classmate

CHAMPLIN, Minn. (AP) -- - A Minnesota seventh-grader is being hailed as a hero for using the Heimlich maneuver recently to dislodge a piece of candy from a classmate's throat.

Malachi Franz says someone bumped him while he was eating candy and it got stuck in his throat. He says he was scared he would die.

Sitting next to him was Aaron Magness, who noticed his friend turning blue. Magness jumped behind Franz and gave three abdominal thrusts, and out popped the candy.

A Minneapolis Star Tribune report says both boys learned the maneuver last year at Jackson Middle School in Champlin. Their teacher, Ann Stalboerger, says district officials were excited that Magness knew what to do.

The boys were friends since last year, but say the recent incident has brought them closer.

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