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Live owl cam offering view of baby owlettes

HOUSTON, Minn. - An owl cam is giving the world a live, bird's eye view of little owlettes hatching.

The online camera feed is sponsored by the International Owl Center in Houston, Minnesota. The nest is located in a nearby yard.

The nest is that of a Great Horned Owl couple named Iris and Rusty.

The first of their three eggs hatched on Friday. The second egg is expected to hatch sometime on Monday and the third is expected to hatch later this week.

The owlettes are the first successful children of the owl couple.

Click here to the watch the live feed and learn more about the International Owl Center.


Karla Bloem, director of the International Owl Center, says the live video feed is an incredible opportunity for people to learn about owls and see the beauty of nature.

"I'm able to capture the really quiet vocalizations that you don't (hear) otherwise," said Bloem.

"The peeping in the egg. How else are you going to record that in the wild? You can't really record that in the wild," she added.

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