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Group holds frac sand mining forum in Houston Co.

CALEDONIA, Minn. - Two weeks before a sand mining moratorium in Houston County ends, the public has a chance to hear the pros and cons of allowing an operation.

A group called the Houston County Protectors organized a public meeting Thursday evening focusing on the economic and health impacts associated with frac sand mining.

They brought in experts from Mayo Clinic in Rochester and UW-Madison to talk to the full house.

The experts stressed there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to frac sand mining, what matters is finding what's right for the community.


"What a lot of communities are looking at now is how can we have our cake and eat it to, how can we have mining but have it in such a way that it's not negatively impacting our way of life, there are a lot of communities that are experimenting with different ways of life and how to do that," said UW-Madison Ag and Applied Economics Professor Steven Deller.

Unless the moratorium is extended, frac sand mining could begin in Houston Co. next month.

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