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Fundraiser helping keep kids out of court system

WINONA, Minn. - A program that keeps troubled youth out of the court system is getting some financial help.

A fundraiser was held Saturday in Winona to support the county's Restorative Justice Program. It's the first time the program has held a fundraiser like this and featured  the popular Dad's Belgian Waffles.

There are several different approaches to helping youth who find themselves in trouble with the law but the whole idea is to offer an alternative to the court system.

"Just because it's a different direction than going through the traditional court system," said Nicole Thompson, the program's coordinator.

"It ultimately holds the offender more accountable and puts a face to the offender and the community members (impacted) as well, which ultimately makes them feel more responsible for the crime," she added.

Organizer say more than 100 tickets were sold for the fundraiser. Some of the troubled teens even helped serve those in attendance.


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