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City of Winona reimburses residents

City adds extra incentive to keep water running

Winona Reimbursing Residents

WINONA, Minn. (AP) - The City of Winona is adding an extra incentive  for residents to keep their water running.

The city is reimbursing up to $140 to residents who have had their water services freeze this year. Reimbursements will be given in monthly increments to Homeowners who can prove their service line froze in either January, February, or March.

City officials say residents will use about 360 gallons of water each day to keep their pipes from freezing.

"It comes to about $2.23 a day to run this 360 gallons everyday. So for 31 days that comes to I think $69.85, so we just said lets call it 70 bucks," said Bob Dunn, Superintendent of Winona's water department.

The city will reimburse residents for up to two months of services.

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