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2 entangled eagles rescued in Wabasha

Eagles likely fighting over nesting territory

WABASHA, Minn. (WKBT) - Two male eagles in Wabasha were rescued after they were found tangled up on the ground.

The dispute was likely over nesting territory since both eagles were males and nesting season is in full swing, according to the National Eagle Center.

A staff member form the National Eagle Center was able to help with the rescue on April 14, along with neighbors and local law enforcement to separate the eagles. Both of them had puncture wounds from being struck by talons. They were taken to The Raptor Center in St. Paul to be treated.

One of the eagles had a "brood patch," an area of bare skin that birds develop when incubating eggs, so he was likely defending a nesting territory, the National Eagle Center explained. He was released in the Wabasha territory he was found. The other bird was released near the Twin Cities to try to avoid another territorial dispute.

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In mid-April, two eagles in Onalaska were rescued after they were found fighting in the backyard of a residence. They were treated and released.

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