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Victim of mailbox bombing hopes suspect gets well

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) - An Iowa woman who lost her hearing when a pipe bomb in her mailbox exploded 11 years ago says she hopes the suspect can someday be released and live happily.

Delores Werling of Tipton says she has no "ill feelings" for Luke Helder, even though she still has problems hearing and with a tooth knocked out in the blast.

Helder has been committed for treatment since 2004 after being declared mentally unfit to stand trial. Investigators say he placed 18 bombs in mailboxes in five states in May 2002 and six detonated, injuring Werling and five others. A judge says he'll order a new competency hearing for Helder this year.

Werling says she's not particularly interested in seeing Helder stand trial and just wants him to get well.

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