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Firm's flood plain map pleases Waterloo residents

WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) - Waterloo officials say a study could remove hundreds of homes from a flood plain, saving residents money on insurance if the Federal Emergency Management Agency agrees.

Councilman Ron Welper tells the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier the study by engineering firm AECOM of Dry Run Creek could significantly reduce the 100-year flood plain. That would help more than 300 homes in a neighborhood that hasn't flooded since Waterloo's levee system was built.

The city agreed in 2011 to spend up to $49,000 to study the area after new FEMA flood insurance rate maps added the area to the flood plain.

Residents worried about higher insurance and difficulty selling homes.

Associate City Engineer Jamie Knutson notes FEMA still must review the engineering firm's study and agree to any changes.

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