President Barack Obama signed a bill that ended the 16-day partial federal government shutdown and raised the debt-ceiling, the White House announced early Thursday morning.

Wisconsin senators are split on the deal that endded the federal government partial shutdown.

Senator Tammy Baldwin voted in favor. Senator Ron Johnson voted against. Senator Johnson says the deal does nothing to address spending in Washington or bring down our debt.

"At a minimum, I think the American people do expect some additional fiscal discipline the enacting of some reforms so that Social Security and Medicare are actually available to future generations who are picking up the tab so, I don't see in this package that it would meet that requirement,” said Senator Ron Johnson.

"I really think this will help us break this destructive pattern of governance from crisis to crisis, and I would note when I say that these are manufactured political crisis, these aren't natural disasters these are man-made disasters and people are exhausted by it,” said Senator Tammy Baldwin.

Meanwhile on the House side, Representative Ron Kind is happy about the deal, but hopes we don't face the same problems when the deal expires early next year.

"I hope it doesn't come to this given the damage that was done, and I hope lessons have been learned here in congress that this is a lousy way to run a country and it just destroys the business and consumer and family confidence that we need to grow the economy right now,” Congressman Kind said.