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Georgia voters


Clinton, Trump in dead heat in Georgia

Voters in Georgia are turning the traditionally red state purple.

Hillary Clinton, Aug. 25, 2016

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Clinton heads to swing state Ohio

Hillary Clinton sets her sights on the battleground of battlegrounds: Ohio.

Asian American students


Dramatic shift in Asian-American vote

Asian-Americans have tended to sway Republican, but that has changed big league.

Arizona Democrat


Democrats push to flip Arizona voters

Democrats try to pull off a rare election night win in Arizona.

Clinton convention


Clinton campaigns as more leaked emails released

Hillary Clinton looks to keep the campaign positive amid new leaked emails released by WikiLeaks.

Donald Trump at third debate

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Trump's impact on congressional races

Some GOP officials now think if Donald Trump loses by a landslide that he could take down congressional majorities with him.

Clinton, Trump at Smith dinner

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Candidates get nasty at Al Smith dinner

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton used a New York fundraiser to attack each other, sometimes drawing boos from the crowd.

Al Smith Dinner dais

Pool via CNN

Best moments from Al Smith Dinner in 2 minutes

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took turns roasting each other at the 2016 Al Smith dinner.

Trump at pres debate 1


Trump supporters believe rigged election claims

Trump supporters believe the presidential election is rigged.

Michelle Obama Arizona Oct 20


FLOTUS: Trump calls my community 'hell'

First lady Michelle Obama spoke to Clinton supporters Thursday in Arizona.

Obama stumping for Hillary Oct 20


Obama: Clinton never whines, works hard

Clinton is calm, cool, collected and never gives up, says President Barack Obama.

Trump mocks disabled reporter


'Wrong,' says Trump, but the recordings don't lie

At the final debate Oct. 19, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump denied making statements that have been recorded for posterity.



Trump plays post-debate politics

Donald Trump says he will use his right to legally challenge a questionable election result.



Trump: 'I will totally accept election results... if I win'

During a campaign rally in Ohio on Thursday Donald Trump says he will accept the results of next month's election --if he wins.

Clinton Trump 3rd debate vid

CNN, pool, Facebook/Bustle/Michael Borowski, Twitter/@SuperDanCas, Twitter/@alancross

Clinton, Trump debate sparks internet response

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off Wednesday on the debate stage for the last time before the election. As with previous debates, the contest was…

Clinton Trump at podiums Vegas debate

CNN, Pool via CNN Newsource

Final Trump, Clinton debate gets heated

The third and final presidential debate was held Wednesday in Las Vegas. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton focused on the questions, but then the attacks turned…

Trump speaking at debate


Trump calls Clinton 'a nasty woman'

Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton is "a nasty woman" after as the two sparred over tax plans.

Trump Clinton split screen


Clinton: Trump would be 'puppet' for Putin

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sparred over Russia Wednesday night at the final presidential debate.

Clinton at debate 3


Clinton: Trump 'choked' during Mexico trip

Hillary Clinton goes after Donald Trump on his trip to visit Mexico's president earlier this year.

Trump speaking at debate


Trump: There's some bad hombres here

Donald Trump speaks about his stance on immigration.

Trump and Clinton arrive debate 3


Candidates don't shake hands at start of debate

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton skipped the hand shake at the start of Wednesday night's third debate.

Donald Trump, Oct 15

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Donald Trump arrives at UNLV for debate

Donald Trump arrives at debate hall.

Mike Pence at Sept 26 debate

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Mike Pence jokes he doesn't know where debate is being held

Mike Pence joked with supporters that he didn't even know where Wednesday's presidential debate was being held.

Hofstra debate Clinton Trump handshake

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Donald Trump on attack as final debate looms

The final countdown to the final showdown: Clinton and Trump face off in their last debate tonight. Karin Caifa reports from Las Vegas

Bernie Sanders message to Trump


Sanders says Trump will have to pay taxes

"You and your billionaire friends and large multi-national corporations are going to start paying their fair share of taxes," Bernie Sanders tells Donald Trump.

Trump Clinto 3 minute debates video


Fourteen months of debates in under three minutes

Catch up on what you missed from the debates, from zingers to the real issues. Yes, there were real issues.

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

NBC/Broadway Video via CNN

Trump doesn't find SNL funny

Donald Trump doesn't think Alec Baldwin's portrayal of him is very funny.

Naked Hillary statue


Naked Hillary statue sparks outrage in NYC

A nearly nude Hillary Clinton statue popped up in New York City's Financial District this week, sparking strong reactions from New Yorkers.

Indiana Voting 1

WISH via CNN Newsource

Indiana investigates possible voter fraud

Indiana officials said thousands of birth dates and names listed on the voter registrations were changed.

pre debate


Trump, Clinton to face off in Las Vegas

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are just hours away from their last face-to-face showdown before the election. The face-off in Las Vegas is their final…

Melania Knaves Trump


Melania Knaves Trump remembered in home town

Melania Knaves Trump is remembered in her home town of Sevnica, Slovenia as sophisticated, mature, well-spoken and a peacemaker between fighting children.…

Refugees fleeing from ISIS


Families with small children flee ISIS

Rumors that ISIS was returning to their village made people flee their homes. Arwa Damon was there as these residents fled from their town south of Mosul.

Trump in crowd

CNN, pool

Trump proposes 5 reforms to government ethics

Donald Trump says he's going to make government "honest again."

Mike Pence political terrorism

CNN Video

Pence: Firebombing ‘political terrorism’

Vice presidential candidate Mike Pence calls the firebombing of a GOP office in North Carolina “political terrorism.”



Clinton deals with more leaked emails

The Clinton campaign is dealing with the fallout after WikiLeaks released another batch of hacked emails.

Trump corruption claim

CNN, pool

Trump claims conspiracy between FBI, State

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump says new documents show a criminal conspiracy between the FBI and State Department during the probe into Democratic…

UNLV debate stage


UNLV gets ready for final presidential debate

The University of Nevada-Las Vegas is putting the final touches on the stage for the third and final presidential debate between Democratic candidate Hillary…

Trump conspiracy


Trump has a long history with conspiracy theories

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is no stranger to conspiracy theories, from championing birtherism to accusing Sen. Ted Cruz's father of involvement with…



Battle for Mosul begins

CNN goes inside the battle for Mosul.

Trump on rigged election

CNN Video

Trump’s new theme: Election rigged

Donald Trump is trying a new tactic -- arguing the election is rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Melania defends husband

CNN Video

Melania Trump on leaked tape: He was 'egged on'

Anderson Cooper interviews Melania Trump.

Trump at Convo

Kelly Marshall Smoot/CNN

Trump ramps up claims 2016 election is scam

Trump claims election is 'rigged,' meanwhile Clinton's e-mail troubles continue in new Wikileaks document dump. Dianne Gallagher reports.

Pence at debate


Pence: National media trying to rig election

VP candidate Mike Pence spoke Monday on the campaign trail.

Trump_vs Clinton on taxes


Tax plan comparison: Trump vs. Clinton

Here is a look at the vast differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's proposed tax plans.

NC GOP office fire Trump election rigged

WRAL; NBC; CNN; POOL; Twitter / @NCGOP; Twitter / @HillaryClinton; Twitter / @ realDonaldTrump via CNN Newsource

Trump suggests election rigged, GOP office firebombed

Donald Trump has suggested this election will be rigged on the heels of a firebombing at a North Carolina Republican office.

Gary Johnson bikes to rally

KRQE; viewer photo; Pool via CNN Newsource

Gary Johnson bikes 70 miles to rally to show he's 'fittest'

Libertarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, biked 70 miles to his rally in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to show he's the 'fittest' candidate in the race for the…

Donald Trump lashes out against sexual misconduct allegations


Trump goes on offense as accusations about his past gather steam

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is lashing out as more women come forward accusing him of making unwanted sexual advances.

Summer Zervos


More women accuse Trump of sexual misconduct

More women have come forward after a recording of Donald Trump making lewd sexual comments surfaced last week.

Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Miami on Sept. 16, 2016

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Trump accuser speaks out on sexual assault allegations

Donald Trump is denying new wave of sexual misconduct allegations, but one of his accusers says he's a liar.

2nd graders on elex


2nd graders' thoughts on election

After another extraordinary week in the presidential race, we're going to take a break from the vitriol and vulgarities, and take you to a G-rated space -- a…

Melania Trump speaking at RNC

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Where is Melania Trump?

A look at why Melania Trump has not been so visible in Trump's campaign.

Trump messing with teleprompter


Trump knocks over his teleprompter

Donald Trump says he rather give his speeches without teleprompters.

Medical marijuana while pregnant

KCNC; Family photo

California to vote on legalizing marijuana

California goes to the polls next month to vote on legalizing recreational marijuana.



Obama: 'All the progress we made is on the ballot'

President Barack Obama attacked Donald Trump during a campaign rally in Cleveland, Ohio, saying civility, honesty and equality are all on the ballot this…

Trump in crowd

CNN, pool

Trump battling poor polls and more...

Donald Trump is fighting dropping poll numbers and additional allegations of unwanted sexual contact. Dianne Gallagher has the story.

Trump in crowd

CNN, pool

Trumps threaten legal action; Obamas speak out

Donald and Melania Trump are threatening legal action and calling for retractions from the New York Times and People Magazine while both Barack and Michelle…

Obama on GOP 1

Pool via CNN

Obama slams GOP for supporting Trump

At a rally in Columbus, Ohio, Thursday, President Obama railed against the Republican Party for creating an environment where Donald Trump could thrive. ‘You…

Hillary Clinton Oct 13


Clinton: People are angry, I get that

Hillary Clinton attended a fundraiser Thursday in San Francisco.

Michelle Obama Oct 13 speech


Michelle Obama: Men in my life don't talk like this

First lady Michelle Obama passionately condemns Donald Trump while campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

Trump Oct 13 rally


Trump denies allegations during rally

Donald Trump addresses The New York Times' allegations of touching women inappropriately.

Tasha Dixon


Trump’s visit was uncomfortable, beauty queen says

Allegations continue to grow about Donald Trump's past treatment and remarks toward women. The latest to speak out: A former Miss USA contestant who alleges…

Oreo cupcake


Oreo cupcake gives bakery bad publicity

A bakery owner in Oregon says she never intended her new Oreo cupcake, named ‘Mr. President,’ to seem racist. She has since renamed the cupcake.

Former contestant blasts Trump


Pageant contestant says she was forced to meet Trump while semi-clothed

A woman who participated in one of Donald Trump's beauty pageants says Trump came into backstage dressing areas while the contestants were not fully clothed.

Ryan and Trump

Kourkounis/Win McNamee/ Getty

Trump wages war on GOP leaders

Donald Trump spent much of Tuesday lashing out on social media at his GOP foes, such as Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. John McCain, and lamenting the lack of…



Obama smells himself to confirm he's not a demon

President Barack Obama took the opportunity at a rally Tuesday to settle a different issue: whether he smells like sulfur -- as in, like a demon.

Trump with Ivanka

"The Wendy Williams Show" via CNN

Trump's flirtatious comments about Ivanka

Donald Trump's past comments about his daughter, Ivanka, has some scratching their heads.

Donald Trump on Howard Stern

"The Howard Stern Show" via CNN

Are there more Trump tapes coming?

Will more controversial footage of Donald Trump be released to the public?

Gore Clinton in Florida

Gore: Remember 2000? Your vote counts

Hillary Clinton and Al Gore, campaigning Tuesday in Miami, used Gore's electoral history to convince Florida voters that every vote counts.

Trump with baby

CNN Video

Trump holds baby Trump on stage

Donald Trump takes time at his campaign event in Pennsylvania Monday to have a little fun.

Trump getting beaten up

CNN Video

Trump: ‘Beaten up’ over tape, Bill Clinton worse

A battered Donald Trump said “Bill Clinton sexually assaulted innocent women and Hillary Clinton attacked those women viciously.”

Ken Bone


Ken Bone: 'I split the seat of my pants'

Freshly-minted Internet celebrity Ken Bone explains why he wore his red sweater to last night's debate



Icy beginning sets the tone for ugly debate

In the second presidential debate, things got ugly almost immediately after Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took the stage.

Donald_Trump_on_border_issues copy

Pool via CNN

Trump: 'I understand the border'

Trump explains how he will "force" refugees "right back into their country."

Donald_Trump_and_Hillary_Clinton_debate_wrap copy

CNN; Pool

Second presidential debate wrap

The run-up to Sunday night's debate was ugly. At times, the debate got even uglier.

Hillary_Clinton_-_Trump_never_apologizes copy


Hillary Clinton: 'Trump never apologizes'

Hillary Clinton said Donald Trump owes the country an apology for inflamatory statements.

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

NBC/Broadway Video via CNN

'SNL' reacts to Trump's latest gaffe

"Saturday Night Live" offered their take on the recently surfaced recording of Donald Trump making lewd comments.

Washington University 2nd debate prep

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

University preps for second debate

On the eve of the second presidential debate at Washington University, there's no mistaking the political energy is in the air.

Trump vows to stay in race


GOP in meltdown as Trump vows to stay in race

The Republican Party is reeling from the firestorm caused by Donald Trump's lewd comments caught on tape. With less than a month left until the election, some…

Washington University preps for debate

KTVI via CNN Newsource

Washington University prepares for presidential debate

Students at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, are excited for the debate as the political world wonders what will happen in the second…

Donald Trump

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Trump: I respect women

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump has often said he respects women.

Donald Trump, May 27, 2016

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Trump slammed for vulgar comments about women

Donald Trump bragged about trying to have sex with a married woman and being able to grope women in previously unaired footage from 2005 that surfaced on…

Donald Trump apology video

Donald Trump Campaign via CNN Newsource

Donald Trump releases apology video for 2005 comments

Donald Trump released a video in response to his 2005 comments, in which he bragged about trying to have sex with a married woman and being able to grope women.

Chelsea Clinton tardy note


Chelsea Clinton writes tardy note for twins

Hillary Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, writes school tardiness note for twin boys from North Dakota whom she met at a campaign fundraiser.

Tim Kaine high eyebrow


Tim Kaine: The people's eyebrow?

After Tuesday's debate, some are curious about Tim Kaine's eyebrows.

Putin with military


Did Russia spike the drinks of American diplomats?

Did Russia play a role in the alleged spiking of American diplomats' drinks?



Viewer poll: Pence slight winner in VP debate

It appears Mike Pence was able to carve out a slightly better performance than his opposition, according to a CNN/ ORC instant poll.

Pence at debate


Pence: Even Bill thinks Obamacare is bad

Mike Pence says Bill Clinton thinks Obamacare is crazy, but Hillary wants to expand it.

Kaine and Pence take stage


Interruptions, clashes dominate VP debate

Interruptions and clashes dominated the one and only vice presidential debate.

Kaine Pence split at debate


Debate: 45 seconds of cross talk

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence had their fair share of cross talk at Tuesday evening's debate.

Pence at debate


Debate: Did Pence thank the wrong university?

Did Mike Pence flub the name of Longwood University at the onset of tonight's debate?

Kaine and Pence take stage


Pence, Kaine take stage, shake hands

The top two vice presidential candidates took the stage in Farmville, Virginia Tuesday night.

Kaine, Pence VPs

Win McNamee, Alex Wong/Getty Images

Conventional candidates could make for unconventional debate

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence square off in their only debate of the fall Tuesday night.



Michelle Obama: 'I'm inspired by Hillary Clinton'

First lady Michelle Obama makes the case for Hillary Clinton saying, "no one in our lifetime has ever had as much experience, exposure to the presidency."

VP Nominees


Vice presidential candidates set to face off

Gov. Mike Pence and Sen. Tim Kaine will go head to head Tuesday in their lone debate to convince voters to let them be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Clinton Trump parade float

WCPO, Penny Britton via CNN

Man says Clinton execution float was all in fun

Saturday’s annual Farmers Fair Parade in Aurora, Indiana, featured a float created by Frank Linkmeyer and his brother in which Donald Trump was pulling the…

SNL debate

NBC/Broadway Video via CNN

Jeanne Moos compares SNL vs real debates

CNN does some comparing of "Saturday Night Live's" take on the first presidential debate to the real thing.

Trump on his taxes


Trump: My job is to minimize taxes

Donald Trump defended his taxes at a rally in Pueblo, Colorado.

The Recall

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Trump and Carson at debate

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

GOP candidates clash in Colorado

Senate debate CNBC

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

GOP presidential debate takeaways