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Appeals courts differ on health care

Two appeals courts reached differing decisions on health care subsidies Tuesday, meaning a likely Supreme Court case on the key component of the health care…

Affordable Care Act website

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Split decisions on ACA: The impact on 4.7M Americans

Two opposing court rulings issued Tuesday sowed confusion about whether 4.7 million Americans can keep their health care subsidies.

President Obama in Tennessee

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Obama criticized for fundraising during tumult

Republicans and some political pundits have taken sharp aim at President Barack Obama for maintaining his fundraising schedule amid a period of global unrest.

Department of Justice

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Rights Group accuses U.S. of abuses in terror cases

The Justice Department targeted American Muslims in "abusive counterterrorism sting operations" as part of aggressive terror investigations, an international…

Hillary Clinton

Defense Department

Hillary Clinton would consider backing bid to limit money in politics

When Hillary Clinton ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, she raised and spent more than $250 million to eventually lose to Barack Obama,…

Rick Perry

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Perry sending National Guard to border

Texas Gov. Rick Perry will immediately send up to 1,000 National Guard troops to help secure the southern border, where tens of thousands of unaccompanied…



Military family groceries won't be cut, for now

Military families can breathe a sigh of relief: their grocery stores are not going to be cut, for now.

Marijuana joint pot


Poll: Coloradans say no to pot in bars and clubs

Voters in the first state to allow the sale of recreational marijuana say pot use should be limited to the home or members-only clubs, with no lighting up in…

Ryan J Pitts

U.S. Army

Medal of Honor is for fallen brothers

The newest Medal of Honor winner, former Army Staff Sgt. Ryan M. Pitts, said he wanted the nation not to remember his name, but those of the nine men who were…

Obama in Oval Office

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Obama offers rules for success as he expands program for young minority men

Setting daily goals. Keeping an open mind. Separating honest criticism from blind "hating."

Obama bars contractors from LGBT bias


Obama bars contractors from LGBT bias

President Barack Obama signed an executive order Monday banning federal contractors from discriminating against employees on the basis of sexual orientation or…

Bill Clinton

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Bill Clinton: Hillary Clinton needs time

Former President Bill Clinton says that Hillary Clinton, his wife and the prohibitive favorite for the Democratic nomination for president in 2016, needs time…

Vladimir Putin arty

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Kerry: 'Moment of truth' for Putin

The United States upped pressure on Moscow over the Malaysia Airlines disaster as Secretary of State John Kerry drew a clearer line to Russia over its ties to…

John Kerry


Kerry on hot mic: Was he criticizing Israel?

Secretary of State John Kerry raised eyebrows Sunday following comments, caught on an open mic, that left some wondering whether he was criticizing Israeli…

Obama on Malaysia Airlines crash 7-18


World events derail Obama's agenda

It was supposed to be a week focused on domestic issues to bolster the chances of Democrats in November midterms.

President Barack Obama wanted to drive down a…

Pro Russian separatist at MH17 crash site

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Ukraine tensions prompt Cold War fears

Deadly violence, ongoing tensions and the deliberate downing of a passenger airplane. Though that turbulence is happening far away from American streets -- in…

Dianne Feinstein

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Senate Intel chief: Putin should 'man up'

Russian President Vladimir Putin should "man up" and offer clear explanations amid important questions about the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Senate…

Debris at scene of MH17 crash Ukraine

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A 'game-changer' in relations with Russia

The United States predicts the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, likely by pro-Russian rebels, will fundamentally shift the relationship between…

Immigration graffiti

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Obama to discuss immigration with Central American leaders

The White House announced Friday that leaders from three Central American countries will meet with President Obama next week to discuss the ongoing immigration…

Edward Snowden at SXSW

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Snowden asks hackers to protect whistleblowers

Two of America's most famous government whistleblowers made a plea to hackers: Help future insiders secretly expose wrongdoing.

Daniel Ellsberg, who famously…

Pro Russian separatists in Ukraine

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Obama, GOP lawmakers have harsh words for Putin

Top American officials harshly criticized Russia on Friday for its continued support of pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine following the downing of a Malaysia…

Chris Christie


Christie: N.J. may consider housing immigrant kids

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie blamed the Obama administration for the influx of immigrant children at the southern border, but didn't rule out the prospect of…

John Boehner payroll tax plan


Boehner pessimistic about border bill now

House Speaker John Boehner dampened prospects for emergency action by Congress addressing the immigration crisis on the southern border before lawmakers break…

Immigration supporters

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Immigrants or refugees? It makes a difference

The contrast in what politicians on both sides of the aisle and others have characterized as a humanitarian crisis has introduced new complexity to America's…

Immigration debate

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Desperation, hope and children on the border

Hope is a wonderful thing when it spurs struggling people to aspire to better circumstances and a more promising future, lifting communities out of poverty.…


Utah asks Supreme Court to act on marriages

Utah officials have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to temporarily block a lower court's order that the state formally recognize hundreds of same-sex marriages…

US Capitol


Need any more proof this Congress is done?

If it wasn't already clear that Congress is done legislating this year, the scene inside and outside the Capitol on Wednesday illustrated that the midterm…

MH17 crash7

REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev

Plane tragedy escalates the Ukraine conflict

No matter who did it, shooting down a commercial airliner with almost 300 people aboard gravely escalated an already dangerous conflict in eastern Ukraine.


Obama foreign policy speech at West Point

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Obama: New Russian sanctions over Ukraine

Russia has failed to take steps to end the Ukraine conflict, President Barack Obama said Wednesday in announcing expanded sanctions targeting two banks, two…

Prison inmate holding bars


California's death penalty unconstitutional

In ruling California's death penalty unconstitutional, a federal judge said Wednesday the system is so broken it unfairly leaves inmates with uncertain fates…

IRS Internal Revenue Service logo

Justice probes missing IRS emails

The Justice Department is investigating circumstances surrounding the disappearance of IRS emails that Republicans believe could shed light on the possible…

Hobby Lobby

Bid in Senate to overturn Hobby Lobby fails

A Democratic bill to overturn the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision, which allows some companies to refuse insurance coverage for contraceptives because of…

Bowe Bergdahl US Army photo

U.S. Army

Bergdahl grateful for release, lawyer says

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is aware of the controversy over the deal his country made with the Taliban to secure his release, and he's thankful that his commander…

Immigration protesters

Stephanie Elam/CNN

Immigrant kids not wanted, cities say

In places such as Murrieta, California, and Oracle, Arizona, the message is clear: Thousands of immigrant children fleeing Central America are unwelcome in…

Honda pink car

Feds may press automakers further on mileage claims

The federal government may require automakers to road test cars to ensure the accuracy of gas mileage claims, the Environmental Protection Agency confirmed…

Kennedy compound break in

Man breaks into Kennedy compound

A man wearing a Captain America T-shirt and camouflage shorts broke into the Kennedy compound in Barnstable, Massachusetts, on Tuesday, police said. When…

Hillary Clinton

Clinton hints at run on 'Daily Show'

When Jon Stewart gave Hillary Clinton a career aptitude test on the 'Daily Show' Tuesday night, her answers alluded to a presidential bid -- and she touched on…

Immigration protester

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Poll: Immigration tops list of most important issues

The percentage of Americans who say that immigration is the nation's top problem has soared over the past month, according to a new national survey.

Iran nuclear facility, enriched uranium, yellowcake


Iran nuke talks deadline like to be extended

Negotiations between Western powers and Iran to reach a permanent agreement on the future of Tehran's nuclear ambitions are likely to be extended beyond the…

Henry Kissinger

Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Henry Kissinger 'resting' after heart surgery

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger underwent heart surgery to replace an aortic valve at a New York hospital Tuesday, according to a hospital…

John Boehner


House GOP plan in works cheaper than Obama's

House Republicans are crafting their own plan to address the surge of immigrant children at the southern border that would be significantly less expensive than…



Obama's Republican road rage

His car wasn't moving Tuesday, but President Barack Obama was gunning for Republicans.

Immigrants arrive in Honduras


Honduran families deported from U.S.

The woman's eyes were swollen and red after she got off a plane in this violence-plagued Central American city Monday.

She told CNN she'd cried the whole way on…

Hillary Clinton

State Department

Clinton to make third appearance on ''The Daily Show'

Hillary Clinton will sit down Tuesday with "The Daily Show's" Jon Stewart.

White House debt talks

CNN Image

At dinner of peace, Obama addresses war

President Barack Obama used the annual White House Iftar dinner Monday evening to briefly discuss the crises unfolding in the Mideast.

Immigration debate

Kyung Lah/CNN

Growing immigration protests hit Arizona

A trumpeter played a Mariachi-style "Star-Spangled Banner" as protesters sparred around him in an Arizona city that's become the latest flashpoint in the…

John Kerry

Floyd Yarmuth/CNN

Kerry postpones Mideast trip for now

Secretary of State John Kerry is postponing a visit to the Middle East to give Egyptian efforts at negotiating a cease-fire between Israelis and Hamas a chance…

House of Representatives chamber

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Congress: 12 work days for border compromise

Talk about a tall order. A Congress that can agree on little has 12 scheduled work days to forge a compromise on one of the most volatile issues -- immigration…

Obama, Tappan Zee Bridge

Pete Souza/White House Photo

With deadline looming, Obama to again push infrastructure

Once again using some of the nation's deteriorating infrastructure as his backdrop, President Barack Obama this week plans to pressure lawmakers into finding…

Eric Holder

Eric Holder: 'We are at a dangerous time'

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is worried about wholes that are greater than the sum of their parts.

George W Bush

Khalil Abdallah/CNN

George W. Bush has 2nd knee replacement

Former President George W. Bush had partial knee replacement surgery over the weekend -- this time on his left knee, just weeks after the similar procedure on…

Barack Obama

Democrats continue to pile on Obama for skipping the border

Yet more Democrats are piling on President Barack Obama for skipping a visit to the U.S.-Mexico border during his recent trip to Texas.

Kerry Zebari

The State Department

Kerry in Austria for Iran nuclear talks

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Austria on Sunday for talks with five other world powers and Iran on Tehran's nuclear program.

The participants…

US Capitol


Battle lines set in immigration debate

The ball is now in Congress' court.

Less than one week after President Barack Obama asked Congress for $3.7 billion to address the tens of thousands of…

Maryland Gov Martin O'Malley


O'Malley: Immigrant children sent back to 'certain death'

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley advocated for sympathy for the surge of young Central American immigrants flooding the U.S. southern border, arguing that to…

Rick Perry glasses


Perry: Paul 'isolationist policies' are 'curiously blind,' 'wrong'

"Curiously blind" and "wrong."

Is Rick Perry previewing harsh political attacks against Rand Paul should the two potential 2016 presidential candidates square…

Biden in NH Friday

Larry Downing / Reuters

Biden: Governors 'best hope we have' to end partisan politics

Vice President Joe Biden told the nation's governors that they're "the best hope we have" at ending the "corrosive" politics that are hurting the country.



Longing for a win, GOP gives Senate hopeful a big microphone

If you're a national political party salivating over the prospect of winning a seat that's long been in your opponent's hands, what should you do?

border fence, Mexico, immigration


Sponsor stands by law blamed in border crisis

Is a law designed to protect children from human trafficking actually causing a humanitarian crisis along the U.S. southern border, allowing thousands of…

John Kerry

The State Department

Kerry unveils audit in Afghan election crisis

An audit of Afghanistan's disputed presidential election results will begin within a day in Kabul, and the two candidates will accept its determination of who…

Protesters return to sender

REUTERS/Sam Hodgson

US official at border: 'We'll send you back'

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has something to say to people contemplating illegal migration to the United States: "We'll send you back."…


Bob Kovach/CNN

House Republicans vote for business tax cut

House Republicans, who fervently pound the podium against the deficit, didn't blink Friday at passing a whopping $287 billion business tax cut measure with no…

Angela Merkel

Emily Schultze/CNN

Germany expels U.S. spy official

Germany's government has asked America's top spy chief stationed in the country to leave.

It's a punitive gesture usually reserved for adversarial nations in…

Obama makes Obamacare announcement

REUTERS/Larry Downing

White House puzzled over health care lawsuit

White House officials are scratching their heads over the decision by Republicans to sue President Barack Obama over his decision to delay a requirement in the…

Obama heckled


Obama did meet with those hecklers after all

For two immigration reform activists, heckling the President of the United States landed the pair an exclusive meeting.

Kerry arrives in Afghanistan

Kerry in Afghanistan for talks on election

Secretary of State John Kerry made an unannounced visit to Afghanistan on Thursday where he plans to encourage a resolution to the presidential election that…

Budget cuts capitol

'Road war' in Congress may be ending

Three weeks until funding starts to dry up for bridge and road projects across the United States, House and Senate committees Thursday put Congress on track…


John R. Coughlin/CNNMoney

Republicans to sue Obama over health law

House Republicans are going forward with plans to sue President Barack Obama and will base their legal case on the sweeping health care law he championed and…



Germany expels U.S. Embassy official

The German government said Thursday it is expelling a person it describes as the representative of U.S. foreign intelligence services based at the U.S. Embassy…

Immigration debate, Murietta, California

Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

What now for the immigration surge?

More money. More National Guard troops at the border. More children deported.

A slew of possible solutions for the immigration crisis at the southern border…

House Speaker John Boehner in hall of Capitol

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Officials: Texas immigrant flood will worsen

It's only going to get worse unless you give us more money, administration officials warned Thursday about the flood of Central American children illegally…

Shaun Donovan

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Shaun Donovan confirmed as budget director

The Senate on Thursday confirmed Shaun Donovan to be the new director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Barack Obama on between two ferns

Obama-Galifianakis interview nominated for Emmy

He won't be walking the red carpet next month, but President Barack Obama has already made his mark on this year's Emmy Awards.


Edward M. Pio Roda/CNN

Hard core Obama fan waits all night to see president

In a stark contrast to recent national poll numbers showing low approval ratings for President Obama, over a thousand people lined up outside the landmark…

House of Representatives, Capitol

Burke Buckhorn/CNN

House closed after part of ceiling fell

The House of Representatives side of the U.S. Capitol is closed Thursday because of a construction-related incident, officials said.

Police spokeswoman Kimberly…

Budget cuts capitol

Rare bipartisan approval of job training measure

In a rare display of bipartisanship the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a job training bill on Wednesday. The vote was 415 -6.

Gay couple, same-sex couple

William Armsby/CNN

Judge rips Colorado gay marriage ban

A state judge struck down Colorado's ban on same-sex marriage on Wednesday, but he prevented gay and lesbian couples from immediately marrying by staying his…

President Obama in Tennessee

REUTERS/Larry Downing

Obama border request won't get speedy vote

House Republicans are making it clear there won't be a speedy vote on President Barack Obama's $3.7 billion emergency proposal to address the immigration…

Same-sex marriage, gay marriage

Cliff Despeaux/Reuters

Utah to seek Supreme Court same-sex review

Utah will become the first state to ask the Supreme Court to uphold its ban on same-sex marriage, the latest legal step in what could become a constitutional…

NSA, National Security Agency HQ, Fort Meade, Md

NSA/Handout via Reuters

Report: U.S. spied on American Muslim leaders

The U.S. government allegedly spied on prominent American Muslims under the same program it used to keep tabs on suspected terrorists, according to documents…

Obama horse head man

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Whoa, Nelly! Obama greets man wearing horse head

President Barack Obama comes face to face with a man wearing a horse head during his visit to Denver.

Julian Castro at DNC

REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi

Senate confirms Castro as HUD secretary

Mr. Castro is coming to Washington. The Senate on Wednesday easily confirmed San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro to be the next secretary of Housing and Urban…

Man believed to be Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi


Pentagon considers ISIS drone strike

The Pentagon is considering under what circumstances it will recommend President Barack Obama authorize the use of a missile-equipped drone to kill the leader…

Ray Nagin

Enrique de la Osa / Reuters

Ex-NOLA Mayor Ray Nagin gets 10-year sentence

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was sentenced to 10 years in prison Wednesday in a bribery scandal that rocked the city, the U.S. Justice Department…

Sen Mark Udall

Public Domain

Democratic senator skipping fundraiser with Obama

President Barack Obama says keeping the Democrats in control of the Senate is one of his top priorities this year.

Obama visits pool hall

Obama turns down Rocky Mountain high

"Do you want to hit this?" a man asked President Barack Obama in a bar in Denver Tuesday night. The president laughed but didn't indulge.

It wasn't the only…

Obama and Texas Gov Rick Perry

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Obama, Perry meet amid immigration crisis

Texas Gov. Rick Perry and others are lashing out at President Barack Obama's decision not to tour border facilities overwhelmed by a flood of undocumented…

Senator Robert Menendez D New Jersey

CNN Image

Sen. Menendez suggests Cuban smear

Sen. Robert Menendez, who has been dogged by a federal corruption probe, suggests he was the target of a Cuban intelligence smear plot over allegations --…

Sarah Palin

Wes Little/CNN

Palin calls for Obama's impeachment over border crisis

Sarah Palin said President Barack Obama's inaction over the escalating crisis on the southern border is grounds for impeachment.

The Republican firebrand wrote…

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Cleveland to hold 2016 Republican convention

The Republican National Committee announced Tuesday that their Site Selection Committee has picked Cleveland to host the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Girls in holding area, illegal undocumented immigration

Ross D. Franklin/Pool/Reuters

Obama seeks $3.7 billion in immigration funds

President Barack Obama cares, the White House insisted Tuesday in asking Congress for $3.7 billion in emergency funds to better respond to the flood of…

Generic money printed 3


More companies bail on US for lower taxes

More companies than ever are abandoning the U.S. for nations with lower taxes.

Supreme Court

Kelly Marshall Smoot/CNN

Blogging jurist to Supreme Court: 'STFU'

The Supreme Court is used to having its decisions publicly criticized, but rarely in R-rated language spouted by a federal judge, who says the justices should…

Immigration reform

Floyd Yarmuth/CNN

5 things to know on the immigration crisis

Partisan hyperbole has ratcheted up as the Obama administration grapples with thousands of young undocumented immigrants surging the U.S.-Mexico border and…

Politician, politics, debate, election

iStock / bns124

One in 10 tune out politics

The midterm elections are just four months away, but a national poll indicates that one out of 10 in Americans apparently couldn't care less.

John McCain

David S. Holloway/CNN

John McCain's favorite Democrat?

Arizona, please do not read on. Republican Sen. John McCain joked that he hopes CBS does not air in the Grand Canyon state so that his constituents don't hear…

Tim Howard


Obama jokes about Tim Howard as defense secretary

In his weekly address Friday, President Obama praised the U.S. Men's Soccer Team for representing "America so well" in the World Cup, and gave a special…

Man looks at Smith and Wesson guns

REUTERS/Regis Duvignau

Gun control group gets ready to endorse candidates

The gun control group formed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Monday will release a questionnaire it is going to ask federal candidates to…

NSA, National Security Agency

National Security Agency

Americans' baby photos and resumes among NSA spy haul

Heaps of baby photos, fitness selfies, medical records and resumes are among thousands of private communications scooped up and stored by NSA spy programs.…

President Obama

Obama blamed for immigration influx

In what has become a dire and politically explosive situation at the border that includes droves of unaccompanied young border-crossers, overcrowded holding…

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