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Juneau Alaska

Bill and Vicki Tracey/Wikimedia Commons

Obama's Alaska move triggers fight

The Obama administration is moving to block oil and gas production along a major part of Alaska's northern coastline, setting off another energy battle with…

Narendra Modi

Getty Images

Obama and Modi: Best broments

U.S. President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi are pals, if you haven't heard.

The pair have "chemistry," according to the White House and…

GOP hopefuls weigh in on gay marriage

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says a Supreme Court decision in favor of same-sex marriage won't be enough to make it the law of the land overnight.…

Joe Biden MLK day

Biden, Rubio and Palin's 2016 plans

The 2016 calculations of three potential candidates -- two Republicans and a very senior Democrat -- plus big tests for President Obama and Senate Majority…

Barack Obama serious expression

Mandel Ngan-Pool/Getty Images

Obama on Russia: 'Large countries don't bully'

The military option is out, President Barack Obama said Sunday, but the U.S. will be looking at all other options to "ratchet up the pressure on Russia" on…

Mike Huckabee, April 2014

Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Huckabee straddles line on immigration

Mike Huckabee says deporting immigrants who were brought into the United States as children is like ticketing a child riding in the back seat of a car when the…

Netanyahu Israel

Netanyahu visit continues to stir emotion

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough says the United States shouldn't wade into Israeli politics -- even if the country's prime minister, Benjamin…

GOP presidential campaign season gets unofficial start

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Protesters interrupt Perry, Christie in Iowa

A man was arrested Saturday at a conservative gathering widely considered the kickoff event for the 2016 Republican presidential race in Iowa.

Marco Malagon,…

Greek elections Jan 2015

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Bailout in mind as Greeks vote in election

Greek voters began voting Sunday in an election that could lead to a dramatic showdown with the debt-laden nation's lenders.

The left-wing party Syriza, which…

Obama's meeting with India's leader shortened

Molly Riley-Pool/Getty Images

Expectations high for Obama in India

The leaders of India and the United States, testing the diplomatic extent of their personal friendship, said on Sunday they'd made progress on a deal allowing…

Sarah Palin 2014

Mark Wilson?Getty Images

Palin 'seriously interested' in 2016

With a Clinton, a Bush and a Romney all seriously teasing presidential runs, why not a Palin?

Why not, indeed.

Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and 2008…

Marco Rubio

Erika Dimmler/CNN

Team Rubio message: Ready to run

Sen. Marco Rubio is on track to run for president if he decides to jump in the race, an aide tells CNN.

Barack Obama

Obama keeps the lights on bright idea

President Barack Obama hosted 200 mayors at the White House Friday during the U.S. Conference of Mayors Winter meeting, and called on local leaders to upgrade…

Obama Israel - With Kerry

Jason Reed/Reuters

Netanyahu snub takes relations to new low

President Barack Obama and U.S. officials were completely blindsided by the announcement that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will come to…

Republicans unofficially kick off 2016 presidential campaign season

Scott Olson/Getty Images

2016 Republican race kicks off with long day in Iowa

The 2016 Republican presidential race in Iowa got its unofficial start Saturday with a marathon of speeches, giving close to a dozen potential candidates a…

Obama YouTubers selfie

YouTube/White House

YouTubers interview Obama and things get weird

In his successful effort to connect to a younger audience, President Barack Obama sat down with, and took questions, from three YouTube stars.

US troop advisors Iraq

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Will US advisers move to Iraqi front lines?

The upcoming Iraqi assault to retake Mosul from ISIS control could include U.S. military advisers near the front lines.

U.S. military leadership has held open…

supreme court

Duncan Lock/Wikimedia Commons

Supreme Court to review lethal injection

The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to take up a case concerning the lethal injection protocol that left an inmate in Oklahoma to die slowly and gasping for…

Hillary Clinton generic

Lisa Lake/Getty Images

Secret service debunks Clinton report

Hillary Clinton did not have 65 Secret Service agents protecting her in Canada on Wednesday, a Secret Service source told CNN, despite a report from a Canadian…

Marco Rubio in NH

Senator Marco Rubio

Rubio moving towards 2016 bid

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is moving forward with preparations for a potential presidential bid, bringing on a new finance director and planning a fundraising…

Romney and Jeb Bush

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Romney, Bush to meet in Utah

Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney are set to meet in Utah on Thursday for a meeting that Bush scheduled before Romney announced this month that he's seriously…

Capitol at night

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Man pleads not guilty in Capitol attack case

An Ohio man who authorities accuse of plotting to attack the U.S. Capitol appeared in a Cincinnati court Thursday and entered a plea of not guilty.

US Capitol

John R. Coughlin/CNNMoney

House passes abortion measure

The GOP-controlled House of Representatives passed legislation on Thursday banning all taxpayer money for abortions. But that bill was a backup, after another…

US Capitol from the front

Edward M. Pio Roda/CNN

House GOP leaders cave on abortion bill

Mark it down as a rare win for House GOP moderates. After scrambling into the evening on Wednesday, House Republican leaders decided to scrap a vote on a…

Netanyahu at UN


Netanyahu coming to Congress next month

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pushed back his meeting with Congress to March, House Speaker John Boehner announced Thursday on his verified…

Computer network generic

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Senate emails back up after 'network outage'

The "network outage" the U.S. Senate faced on Wednesday that brought down emails and websites was largely resolved by Thursday morning, according to the Senate…

Bobby Jindal

John Murgatroyd/CNN

Jindal: Some Muslims want to 'colonize' West

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Wednesday stood by his controversial comments about "no go zones" in European cities, insisting that some Muslim immigrants are…

Obama State of the Union 5

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

State of the Union lowest-rated yet

About 31.7 million people watched Tuesday night's State of the Union address on television.

Supreme Court

Kelly Marshall Smoot/CNN

Protests break out in Supreme Court

A rare disturbance broke out in the Supreme Court on Wednesday as several protesters stood up and shouted what appeared to be comments criticizing the court's…

Harry Reid injured

Harry Reid to have eye surgery

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid will have surgery on his right eye on Monday to help him recover his full vision after suffering a recent accident while…

Obama 2015 SOTU


What didn't make the State of the Union?

President Barack Obama used Tuesday night's State of the Union address to demand action on progressive priorities --- but his silence on a number of key issues…

Lutz Bachmann

Matthias Rietschel/Getty Images

Anti-Islam leader resigns after Hitler selfie

As thousands-strong anti-Islamization rallies make headlines in Germany following the Charlie Hebdo attack, one of the rallies' organizers has resigned as…

Obama tan suit

The White House/Twitter

Obama's #SOTU press strategy: all of the above

A policy proposal announced on Facebook. A "behind the scenes" YouTube video. A copy of the speech on Medium before it even started on TV.

For this year's State…

President SOTU 3

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Obama: 'Tonight, we turn the page'

President Barack Obama made a feisty pitch for economic populism in his penultimate State of the Union Tuesday night, touting the improving economy on his…

Romney, 2nd presidential debate 2


2016 Republicans blast Obama over taxes

The race for the next U.S. president was evident on Tuesday night as plenty of potential Republican contenders criticizing President Barack Obama's tax…

President State of the Union 6

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Poll: SOTU more popular than last year

President Barack Obama's sixth turn at the State of the Union podium sparked a more positive reaction among speech-watchers than last year's address,…

President State of the Union 7

Mandel Ngan/Pool via Bloomberg

Republicans lambaste Obama's call for unity

President Barack Obama called on America to "turn the page" on the difficulties of the past decade and a half during Tuesday night's State of the Union.




Obama bank tax: Smart policy or bank bashing?

President Obama wants to hit big banks with a new tax to discourage them from taking too much risk.

The proposed tax, announced during Tuesday night's State of…

President SOTU 4

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Obama on no more campaigns: 'Cause I won both of 'em'

The bear is loose -- this time on the floor of the United States House of Representatives.

President Barack Obama focused on the economic gains that he hopes…

Obama State of the Union 5

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Obama makes historic 'transgender' reference

President Barack Obama became the first president to use the words "lesbian," "bisexual" and "transgender" in a State of the Union on Tuesday night, issuing an…

President SOTU 2


State of the Union 2015: Full transcript

As Prepared for Delivery

There is a ritual on State of the Union night in Washington. A little before the address, the White House sends out an embargoed copy…

Pencils at Charlie Ebdo vigil

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Reps. to raise pencils during SOTU

Rep. Gwen Moore's office is rallying members of Congress to join her in raising a pencil on Tuesday during President Barack Obama's State of the Union address…

Biden, Obama, Boehner, State of the Union

Chuck Kennedy/The White House

Obama to deliver new kind of State of the Union

With many of his policy proposals already announced ahead of tonight's State of the Union, President Barack Obama will instead deliver a different kind of…

Harry Reid


Reid returns to work but will skip SOTU

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid returned to work in the Capitol on Tuesday, just about three weeks after suffering a painful accident while exercising in…

2014 SOTU House Chamber

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Members shiver for prime speech spots

Technically members of Congress are not allowed to save seats in the House chamber for the President's State of the Union address. But year after year, several…

Jon Stewart

Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters

Stewart spars with Mike Huckabee over Beyoncé

Jon Stewart ripped into Mike Huckabee on the "Daily Show" Monday, saying the former Arkansas governor was being hypocritical in his recent criticism of Beyoncé.…

Supreme Court


Supreme Court backs beard for Muslim prisoner

The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled in favor of the religious freedom claims of a prisoner in Arkansas who wanted to grow a beard in accordance with his Muslim…

Wreath laying MLK Memorial

Gabriella Demczuk/Getty Images

Americans remember Martin Luther King Jr.

Students from Washington, D.C.'s Watkins Elementary School honored Martin Luther King Jr. on Friday, with about 100 fifth graders reciting the "I Have a Dream"…

Jeb Bush

David S. Holloway/CNN

Bush lining up Romney aides for possible presidential run

As Mitt Romney explores a third White House bid, two of his former aides are being positioned by potential rival Jeb Bush to play key roles in his campaign…

President Obama leaving Oval Office

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Obama heads into State of the Union on ratings uptick

President Barack Obama heads into Tuesday's State of the Union address riding the first uptick in his approval ratings in years, but he'll be speaking to a…

Mitt Romney CNN interview

Poll: 59% of Republicans want Romney to run

A new poll brings good news for Mitt Romney and his allies at a time when the 2012 GOP nominee faces vocal skepticism from the right about a potential third…

North Korea propaganda mural

Feng Li/Getty Images

NSA hacked into North Korea since 2010

Four years before North Korea hacked into Sony Pictures Entertainment's servers, the United States began cracking into North Korean computer networks and…

Fidel Castro

Jorge Rey/Getty Images

A new era in U.S.-Cuba relations

Cuba was for years the "Red Menace" at the very gates of the U.S.A.

Relations across the Florida Straits turned so bad, that the two countries pushed the…

Joni Ernst

From Joni Ernst

Ernst to brave State of the Union rebuttal

It's the hardest act in town to follow: the leader of the free world, framed by his Vice President and the Speaker of the House, delivering what is usually a…

Joe Biden MLK day

Biden spotlights race, policing issues in MLK Day speech

Vice President Joe Biden used the Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday Monday to focus on the problems that he says exists between "police and the community."

Alan Gross lands in US


Alan Gross is Obama guest at State of the Union

Alan Gross, the American contractor whose release from prison in Cuba last month heralded a new era in U.S.-Cuba relations, will sit alongside First Lady…

Biden, Obama, Boehner, State of the Union

Chuck Kennedy/The White House

State of the Union spoilers: Obama's proposal for the middle class

The White House has made it clear recently: President Obama intends to use Tuesday's State of the Union address to make a statement about where Democrats…

Mike Huckabee, April 2014

Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Huckabee hits Obamas over Beyonce again

President Barack Obama shouldn't let his daughters listen to Beyonce, Mike Huckabee says, because "what you put in your brain is also important, as well as…

Keystone pipeline protest

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

State Department sets Feb. 2 Keystone XL deadline

With the Senate expected to vote soon on the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline, the State Department is now giving eight federal agencies two weeks to weigh…

Mitt Romney

Larry Downing/Reuters

Chaffetz: Romney's serious about 2016

Mitt Romney's speech at the Republican National Committee's winter meeting in San Diego proved the party's 2012 nominee is serious about another run and isn't…

Obama, State of the Union 2013


Tax plan: Some credits, higher rates for rich

In his upcoming State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama will call on Congress to simplify a tax code he deems overly complicated and weighted toward…

Jones with Christie

Getty Images

Timeline of Chris Christie and Jerry Jones' friendship

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Thursday night that the first time he spoke to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was in the summer of 2013.

Reince Priebus

CNN Image

Priebus on course to become longest-serving GOP head in history

Reince Priebus was elected Friday in a resounding vote to serve a third term as chairman of the Republican National Committee, putting him on course to become…

Romney ad, PBS logo


Romney jabs at Clinton, Obama in RNC speech

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney acknowledged Friday that he is once again considering running for the Republican presidential nomination,declaring that…

Rand Paul Tea party response

Paul, Rubio skip day job retreat for '16 prep

The congressional Republican retreat has been packed full of speakers, planning sessions and intraparty squabbling, but it's missing two key GOP figures: Sens.…

8-19-2014 James Richard Perry Booking Photo

Travis County Sheriff’s Office

Rick Perry criticizes President Obama, lays off Romney

Rick Perry used his final public address as Texas governor Friday to sharply criticize President Obama and called on Republicans to articulate a plan to voters…

West Wing cast

Frederick M. Brown/ Getty Images

'West Wing' cast makes cameo in White House video

The awkward level reaches "cringe-worthy" at points, but a new White House video shows Press Secretary Josh Earnest having a group phone chat with members of…

Obama, Cameron at White House

Emily Schultze/CNN

Obama promises veto on Iran sanctions plan

President Barack Obama promised Friday to veto a plan by members of Congress to issue additional sanctions on Iran while diplomatic negotiations regarding…

TSA same-sex marriage change

Cesar Zapata and Hunter Carter

Gay marriage decision could have 2016 impact

The Supreme Court jumped into the same-sex marriage debate again, deciding Friday to hear arguments this spring on the question of whether states have the…

supreme court

Duncan Lock/Wikimedia Commons

US Supreme Court to take on gay marriage

The U.S. Supreme Court decided Friday it will tackle the issue of whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry, or whether states are allowed…

Scott Walker Wisc


Wisconsin's Walker makes a 2016 pitch

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker portrayed himself as a battle tested warrior who has successfully beat back successive attempts by powerful Democratic-aligned…

Keystone Pipeline


Hoeven: Senate 4 votes short on Keystone

The Senate is about four votes short of enough to override a veto by President Barack Obama on a measure that would authorize the Keystone XL pipeline, Sen.…

Rick Snyder

Jeff Kowalsky/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Michigan governor bucks NRA, vetoes gun bill

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has made a rare move for a Republican state executive: He rebuffed the National Rifle Association.

Snyder vetoed a bill on Thursday…

Ben Carson 2014

Laura Segall/Getty Images

Carson makes case for White House bid

Ben Carson presented his case for a potential run for the White House on Thursday, addressing past controversies and emphasizing his connection to the…

US, Cuba relations

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

New regulations on Cuba to make travel easier

Americans will face fewer obstacles in traveling to Cuba under new regulations announced by the Obama administration on Thursday, continuing a promise to thaw…

John Boehner at news conference

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Boehner: Spy program helped foil plot

House Speaker John Boehner credited a federal surveillance program for helping to uncover a plot from an Ohio man to blow up bombs at the U.S. Capitol.

Ben Carson


Ben Carson offers ISIS as example for US

Physician Ben Carson on Thursday held up ISIS, a terrorist group that's beheaded multiple Americans, as an example for the United States during comments before…

Joni Ernst

From Joni Ernst

Ernst to deliver GOP's response to Obama

Freshman Sen. Joni Ernst will deliver the Republican response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech on Tuesday night.

Chris Christie

REUTERS/Jeff Zelevansky

Christie's speech previews 2016 road map

Woodrow Wilson isn't a likely presidential model for any modern Republican (League of Nations, anyone?), but he was president.

He was also Governor of New…

President Barack Obama Afghanistan troop withdrawal

CNN Image

Obama, Cameron spotlight terror, Russia

President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron recommitted their two countries to what they called "our enduring mission" -- which includes…

CIA logo


No penalty for CIA workers accused of spying

Five CIA employees who improperly accessed data belonging to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will not face disciplinary measures as they "acted…

Obama at his desk

Obama to continue push for paid sick, family leave

President Barack Obama will renew his push for paid sick days and paid family leave for the millions of American workers who don't have either during a visit…

Carson, Walker, Perry to headline RNC meeting

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

GOP lawmakers gather amid division

Chocolate is on the menu and unity is the message as Republicans head to Hershey, Pennsylvania, for the first joint GOP House and Senate retreat in 10 years.…

Obama broadband Iowa

Brandon Pollock-Pool/Getty Images

Obama pushes universal broadband access

Saying he wants to "clear away the red tape," and "help communities succeed in our digital economy," President Barack Obama traveled to Iowa on Wednesday to…

Rand Paul

Edward M. Pio Roda/ CNN

Democrats hit Rand Paul for disability comments

Democrats blasted Sen. Rand Paul on Wednesday for arguing that a majority of people collecting Social Security disability benefits are taking advantage of the…

Jeb Bush goes fishing


Bush's host tied to Florida racketeering lawsuit

The Wall Street veteran whose multi-million dollar mansion hosted the first fundraiser for Jeb Bush's newly created political action committee held a top job…


Wikimedia Commons

RNC sets 2016 presidential convention date

The Republican Party will officially choose its presidential nominee in July 2016 -- a full month before the GOP traditionally picks its candidate to carry…

Secret Service police car

Kevin Liptak/CNN

Secret Service cleans house after scandals

Top Secret Service officials are out of their jobs following months of scandal at the law enforcement agency, sources said on Wednesday.

Gas refinery

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

New Obama rules aim to slash methane emissions

New rules proposed by President Barack Obama's administration would slash methane emissions from oil and gas producers by up to 45% in ten years, the White…

Protesters block immigration bus

Traci Tamura/CNN

House poised to hit Obama on immigration

The House approved an all-or-nothing measure that ties Homeland Security funding to the undoing of President Barack Obama's immigration moves -- setting the…

Paris Unity Rally

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Israeli paper erases female leaders from picture

It is practically an iconic photo by now -- a row of world leaders standing in solidarity next to one another, marching in Paris, united against terrorism.

Rand Paul

Eric Thayer/Reuters

Eying 2016, Rand Paul goes to New Hampshire

Sen. Rand Paul resumes the campaign trail Wednesday, returning to the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire for a full day of events.

John Boehner at news conference

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Boehner's bartender planned to assassinate him

John Boehner's former bartender once made plans to slip poison into the House speaker's drink, or shoot him and drive away, authorities say.

Among the reasons…

Keystone XL pipeline


Keystone debate moves ahead

Senate debate over the Keystone XL pipeline formally began on Tuesday after Democrats dropped a procedural objection that was delaying action on the…

Chris Christie CNN interview

Ken Borland/CNN

Christie supporters to form leadership PAC

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's supporters are in the early stages of starting a leadership political action committee that would serve as an apparatus for…

Jeb Bush interview

Ken Borland/CNN

Jeb Bush heads to California fundraisers

Mitt Romney may have slowed some of Jeb Bush's momentum this week, but the former Florida governor is off to a fast start on the California fundraising…

John Boehner at news conference

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Boehner's bartender planned to assassinate him

John Boehner's former bartender once made plans to slip poison into the House speaker's drink, or shoot him and drive away, authorities say.

Randy Weber

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

GOP congressman compares Obama to Hitler

Rep. Randy Weber is apologizing for a tweet that compared President Barack Obama's absence at a Paris march to Adolf Hitler.

The Texas Republican said in a…

Bob McDonnell sentenced to prison

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Judge: McDonnell to prison Feb. 9

Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell won't be allowed to stay out of prison while he appeals 11 felony public corruption convictions.

Smoke in DC Metro

Lesley Lopez

1 dead after smoke shuts down DC metro station

One passenger died after smoke filled the L'Enfant Plaza metro station in downtown Washington on Monday afternoon, a Washington Metropolitan Area Transit…

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