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Ben Carson on CNN


Carson defends Murdoch over 'real black president' tweet

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson defended Rupert Murdoch on Thursday over an inflammatory tweet suggesting that Carson would be a "real black…

Rupert Murdoch, July 2015

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Rupert Murdoch: Ben Carson would be a 'real black president'

Rupert Murdoch, one of the world's most powerful media moguls, posted a tweet Wednesday night that seemingly questioned whether President Obama is a "real…

Boehner quitting Congress

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Boehner cancels 'Tonight Show' appearance

Outgoing House Speaker John Boehner has canceled his appearance on NBC's "Tonight Show" in the wake of Rep. Kevin McCarthy's decision to drop out of the House…

Death penalty lethal injection


Oklahoma may have used wrong drug in execution

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin released a statement Thursday saying that the Oklahoma Department of Corrections may have used the wrong drug for the execution of…

Kevin McCarthy Boehner in background

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Kevin McCarthy drops out of speaker race

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has dropped out of the race to succeed Speaker John Boehner, a shocking move that throws the House into chaos.

The move…

Carson Tapper


Ben Carson says the darndest things

Ben Carson is at it again.

Carson struggled in an interview on Wednesday to explain whether he would support hiking the debt limit -- the latest in a series of…

Donald Trump smiling

Al Bello/Getty Images

Trump trademarks 'Make America Great Again'

Need more proof Donald Trump is bringing his business savvy to the campaign trail? He has already trademarked his "Make America Great Again" slogan.

Yes, Ronald…

Sheryl Crow

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Sheryl Crow set to perform at CNN Debate

Grammy-award winning singer Sheryl Crow is scheduled to sing the National Anthem at the first Democratic primary debate being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on…

Boehner podium

House TV

How Republicans will choose the next speaker

House Republicans will cast secret ballots on Thursday to elect their party's nominee to succeed House Speaker John Boehner, who is resigning at the end of…

Bernie Sanders, September 6, 2015


Sanders says some GOPers are feeling the Bern

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is staking out ground to Hillary Clinton's left, but he said Thursday he's also winning over support from Republicans who identify…

Caution radioactive


FBI helped thwart nuclear plot in Moldova

The FBI helped Moldovan authorities three times in the last five years to thwart potential smuggling of nuclear and radioactive material, a Moldovan interior…

Biden at 2012 VP debate


Biden makes 'demotion' joke ahead of decision

Joe Biden is the White House's No. 2 -- and while his political future is ambiguous -- he joked Wednesday he's not looking to be "demoted."

"We need to move,"…

Bernie Sanders


Sanders debate plan: 'I was right first'

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' bid to topple Hillary Clinton's front-runner status is hitting the marks of a serious contender: He's closed the fundraising gap.…

Carson on TV


Oregon shooting survivor offended by Carson's remark

An 18-year-old who survived the classroom shooting at Umpqua Community College on Wednesday criticized Ben Carson's comment that the shooting victims could…

U.S. Capitol building.jpg

John R. Coughlin/CNNMoney

Congress sends massive defense bill to Obama

The U.S. Senate passed a $612 billion defense bill Wednesday, sending it to President Barack Obama, who has threatened to veto it, The Associated Press…

Map of Syria


U.S. aircraft diverted to avoid Russian fighter

The U.S. military has had to divert two aircraft over Syria to ensure they could maintain a safe flying distance from a Russian fighter aircraft in the same…

Daniel Webster

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Freedom Caucus endorses Webster for speaker

The House Freedom Caucus, an influential group of conservatives, will back Florida Rep. Daniel Webster for speaker, several lawmakers said following a…

presidential supporters grammar - Hillary Clinton

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton comes out against trade deal

Hillary Clinton came out against the Trans Pacific Partnership in an interview Wednesday, breaking with President Barack Obama and his administration, which…

Barack Obama

Obama apologizes to Doctors Without Borders

President Barack Obama called and apologized to the head of Doctors Without Borders, whose staff and patients were killed and injured during a bombing…

Clinton Facebook

Barbara Kinney/Hillary Clinton/Facebook

5 times Clinton broke from Obama

Hillary Clinton insists on the campaign trail that she's her own woman -- and in recent weeks, she's really tried to prove it.

In a huge blow to President…

House hearing on Benghazi security

Ken Tuohey/CNN

House blocks attempt to end Benghazi panel

House Democrats, sensing they have put Republicans on the defense over charges the Benghazi select committee is driven by politics against Hillary Clinton,…

Rubio Bush Trump


Political Prediction Market: Marco Rubio leads

A new GOP candidate is leading the Republican pack this week's CNN Political Prediction Market -- Marco Rubio.

For the first time, the Florida senator's odds…

Joe Biden at Munich Security Conference Feb 2015

Johannes Simon/Getty Images

Biden supporters launch TV national ad

Vice President Joe Biden will not be on stage for the first Democratic debate on Tuesday, but his biography and accomplishments will be heavily featured next…

UN Gen Assem

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Ex-U.N. leader charged in alleged bribery scheme

A former president of the U.N. General Assembly "sold himself and the global institution he led" by allegedly pocketing more than $1 million in bribes to…

Hillary Clinton lecture


Trump, Clinton lead in swing state polling

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton each lead their party's respective primary race in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, according to new polls from Quinnipiac…

Ron Johnson

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Employees at company working with Clinton email server expressed concerns

Employees at the company that maintained Hillary Clinton's private email server expressed concern among themselves about the way the former secretary of…

Biden with governors

Pool via CNN

Democratic senators to Biden: Gloves will come off

Vice President Joe Biden, who is moving closer to announcing his presidential plans, is getting some unsolicited advice from Democratic senators: Your…

Rubio drinks water


Rubio leaves light footprint on Capitol Hill

He's missing more votes than almost all of his colleagues, does little to build relationships with fellow lawmakers and hasn't earned a single endorsement for…

Fiorina CPAC


Fiorina takes on the Washington Post

Carly Fiorina unleashed a concerted attack on The Washington Post this week, charging the paper with repeatedly getting its facts wrong and possessing a…

Kasich debate 1

From Fox News via CNN

Kasich explains hotel maid comment

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Tuesday that opponents had distorted his comment about a tip for a hotel maid and explained he was trying to illustrate the…

Hillary Clinton 3 3 15


Clinton dismisses reinstating Glass-Steagall

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday dismissed the idea of reinstating a Depression-era banking law that has found champions in two of her Democratic opponents, setting…

Colbert marquee

John Paul Filo/CBS via CNN

Bill Clinton talks Trump, Sanders with Colbert

Asked by Stephen Colbert who he likes in the 2016 election -- with the comedian joking, "And please, try to be impartial here" -- President Bill Clinton…



273,000 union workers face pension cuts

Pension benefits for retirees used to be untouchable, but thousands of former workers are being told that their monthly checks could take a hit.

Matt Drudge 2

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Drudge admonishes Clinton, the media, Americans

Conservative media entrepreneur Matt Drudge gave a rare public interview Tuesday in which he lashed out at Hillary Clinton, mainstream media and the…

Afghanistan soldiers

U.S. Department of Defense

Senate OKs defense bill despite veto threat

A giant defense bill that breaks budget caps to give extra funding for the military cleared a key procedural hurdle Tuesday despite facing a presidential veto…

Hillary Clinton, Hard Choices

Courtesy Simon & Schuster

Clinton sent GOP 2016ers copies of her book

Hillary Clinton sent nearly every Republican presidential candidate a copy of her recent memoir "Hard Choices" earlier this month, as well as a personalized…

Carson on TV


Carson says he would have confronted shooter

Ben Carson said Tuesday he would have confronted the shooter at Umpqua Community College if he had been there and would have asked everyone else to gang up on…

Marco Rubio votes

Rubio misses vote on defense spending bill

Sen. Marco Rubio missed a key Senate vote on defense spending Tuesday so that he could continue campaigning in New Hampshire, a Rubio spokesman told CNN.


Gen John Campbell


U.S. Gen.: We need new Afghanistan plan

The top commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan said Tuesday that he needs to adjust troop level recommendations to respond to the growing strength of ISIS…

Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Rubio, Bush start to take the gloves off

The budding tension between the two Floridians running for president escalated on Tuesday as Marco Rubio defended his Senate record amid new attacks by Jeb…

Rand Paul

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Rand Paul: Why are we still in Afghanistan?

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, said Tuesday the U.S. military strike that hit a hospital in Afghanistan raises questions over the U.S.'s continued involvement in…

MSF bombing 2


Collateral damage: Mistaken US bombings

New details are emerging about the deadly U.S. bombing of a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan in what the charity has called a "war crime."

Trump cap


Top Romney hand: Trump will be out by Iowa

The top strategist to 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney doesn't think 2016 front-runner Donald Trump will even be in the race when the first…

Graham announce


Graham opposed Sandy aid but wants help in S.C.

Sen. Lindsey Graham is asking for federal aid for his home state of South Carolina as it battles raging floods, but he voted to oppose similar help for New…

Trump hand podium


Trump dismissed extreme weather weeks before S.C. floods

Donald Trump sent out prayers to those affected by the deadly flooding in South Carolina on Monday, just weeks after telling voters people aren't hurt from…

President Barack Obama, Oct. 2, 2015

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Obama to visit Roseburg in wake of shooting

President Barack Obama will visit Roseburg, Oregon, Friday following the mass shooting at an Oregon community college last week that killed 10 people,…

Netanyahu winning night

Channel 2 (Israel), Israel Prime Minister's Office, POOL, CNN

Netanyahu on Iran deal: 'Let's look forward'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vehemently opposed the recently inked Iran nuclear agreement -- but now he wants to make sure Iran lives up to its…

Joe Biden February 2014

Pool/Getty Images News

Biden sounding more like a candidate

Vice President Joe Biden, who has been openly toying with the idea of seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, is now privately leaving the impression…

Vladimir Putin Ukraine 2014


Obama authorizes resupply of Syrian opposition

President Barack Obama authorized the resupply of Syrian Kurds and the Arab-Syrian opposition as part of a strategy to put pressure on ISIS from the north and…

Brittany Maynard

California governor signs 'right to die' bill

As California Gov. Jerry Brown pointed out Monday, ABX2 15 is not just any other piece of legislation: By definition, it's a matter of life and death.


Hillary Clinton shown at Friday event in Florid

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton does Trump impression on 'SNL'

Hillary Clinton met her "SNL" counterpart and won laughs Saturday night with her imitation of Donald Trump.

The Democratic frontrunner appeared on the 41st…

Trans pacific agreement


US, 11 other nations seal Trans-Pacific trade pact

The United States and 11 other nations have finally reached a long-sought agreement on a controversial free-trade pact.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP,…

Clinton form

Pool via CNN

Clinton: I'll close the gun show loophole

Hillary Clinton will pledge to close background check loopholes and allow victims to sue gun manufacturers at two town halls in New Hampshire on Monday,…

U.S. Capitol Building

Edward M. Pio Roda/CNN

House could delay some leadership votes

House Speaker John Boehner is delaying elections for two key leadership posts.

9mm Glock handgun

Mario Villafuerte/Getty Images

Oregon shooter's dad: Guns are 'the killers'

The father of the Roseburg, Oregon, shooter said he doesn't know where his son got his weapons, and he declined to comment much on his son's mental state, but…

Sen. Rand Paul

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Paul says he's not dropping out

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul says despite dour poll numbers, don't expect him to drop out of the Republican presidential race any time soon.

"I think the rumors of…

Elizabeth Warren testimony

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Warren outlines differences with Biden

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's meeting with Vice President Joe Biden last summer helped fuel speculation that Biden would enter the 2016 race -- but the Massachusetts…

Supreme Court of the United States

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Is the Court poised for shift to the right?

The nine Supreme Court justices will emerge Monday from behind a long red velvet curtain and take their assigned seats on the bench to begin a new term. But…

Chris Christie, September 18, 2015

Sean Rayford/Gettty Images

Christie: Trump 'painfully naive' on Syria

Donald Trump says the United States should let Russia intervene in Syria all it wants. But Chris Christie is calling for a bigger U.S. role.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Chaffetz challenges McCarthy for speaker

Rep. Jason Chaffetz on Sunday officially entered the race to replace House Speaker John Boehner.

Chaffetz, the Utah Republican who chairs the House Oversight…

Sen. John McCain

Kris Connor/Getty Images

McCain: Trump doesn't understand Syria

Sen. John McCain says that GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump doesn't understand the problems posed by Russia's new role in the Syrian conflict.

President Barack Obama, Oct. 2, 2015

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Obama: We will keep backing Syrian opposition

President Barack Obama told his national security team this week that the U.S. will continue to support the Syrian opposition as Russia enters into the…

Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire

Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Clinton gushes about SNL alter egos ahead of appearance

Hillary Clinton can't decide which of her "Saturday Night Live" alter egos she prefers.

The Democratic presidential candidate was ever the politician on Friday…

Trump in New Hampshire

Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Trump: Arm teachers to stop school massacres

Donald Trump said Saturday that had teachers been armed at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, the deadly shooting there this week would not have…

Bernie Sanders

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Sanders, Clinton differ on Syria no-fly zone

Bernie Sanders said Saturday that he opposes an U.S.-implemented no-fly zone in Syria, contrasting himself with Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton on the…

Rainbow flag DC

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Clinton pledges action for LGBT Americans

Hillary Clinton hasn't always been in favor of same-sex marriage, but she pledged Saturday to push a sweeping platform on LGBT rights as president in a speech…

GOP presidential candidate at Sept. 30 rally

Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Trump: Syrian refugees could stage coup in U.S.

Donald Trump said Saturday that bringing Syrian refugees to the U.S. could result in "one of the great military coups of all time."

Marco Rubio

Win McNamee/Getty Images

GOP candidates: Gun laws won't stop 'crazies'

Republican presidential hopefuls said Friday that new gun laws would do nothing to prevent mass killings like that on a college campus in Oregon this week.

President Barack Obama, March 2015

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Obama: I will keep pushing for more gun laws

President Barack Obama on Friday reiterated his calls for more gun laws, pledging to keep pushing the issue and saying his administration would look into ways…


Gregg Canes/CNN

Why data on guns can't be trusted

The Umpqua Community College shooting has raised questions about the number of guns in the U.S. But data on this subject are unreliable.

Donald Trump smiling

Al Bello/Getty Images

Polls: Trump still tops in Iowa, NH

Donald Trump still leads the Republican pack in the two first two states in the presidential nominating contest, though Ben Carson is on his heels in Iowa and…

Clinton McKinnon

Scott Olson/Getty Images, Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Clinton reportedly to make 'SNL' surprise appearance

Hillary Clinton is reportedly making a "surprise" appearance on this weekend's premiere of "Saturday Night Live."

Kevin McCarthy Boehner in background

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Kevin McCarthy backtracks Benghazi comments

Kevin McCarthy, the leading candidate to succeed John Boehner as House speaker, tried to walk back on Thursday controversial comments he made about a…

Trump in New Hampshire

Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Trump on shooting: 'These things happen'

Donald Trump says even if he becomes president, he doesn't expect to halt all mass shootings like the massacre at an Oregon community college Thursday because…

Pelosi 15


Pelosi rebukes reporter over 'unborn' question

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told a reporter Thursday who asked her a pointed question about when human life begins that as a mother of five she knows…


Alex Wong/Getty Images

Key Senate Republican wants major fiscal deal

The Senate's No. 2 Republican wants to extend the national borrowing limit through the 2016 elections, hoping to take full advantage of a political opening…

Joe Biden in Scranton

Matthew Hoye/CNN

Biden: 'I'm no Bernie Sanders' on populism

Vice President Joe Biden drew a distinction with his potential Democratic presidential rival Bernie Sanders on Thursday, portraying himself as more of a…



'60 Minutes' used 'planted' questions, Clinton email says

CBS's "60 Minutes" used questions "planted" by the State Department in a 2011 interview with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, a State Department aide told…

Jack Lew

Emily Schultze/CNN

Debt ceiling deadline is now November 5

Congress may have averted a government shutdown until December 11, but lawmakers will be under the gun to raise or suspend the debt ceiling long before…

GOP presidential hopeful speaks in Michigan

Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Bush defends 'stuff happens' remarks

Jeb Bush is defending a comment he made following the Oregon college shooting, when he said "stuff happens," and argued that officials should fight the impulse…

President Barack Obama August 2015

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Obama on shooting: 'This has become routine'

Powerless to act after yet another mass shooting, all the president of the United States could do was vent.

Barack Obama has clasped grieving parents close. His…

Donald Trump at rally

Charlie Leight/Getty Images

Donald Trump: 'If I tank,' I'll drop out

Donald Trump says he's no "masochist" -- so if one day he finds himself plummeting in the polls, he'd drop out of the Republican presidential race.

Obama angry over gun laws


Oregon college shooting shakes Washington

News of Thursday's deadly shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, quickly reverberated through Congress, the 2016 campaign trail and the…

Fiorina GOP debate

Adam Rose/CNN

Carly Fiorina draws praise on Capitol Hill

House Republicans may be divided over their next leader, but there was one rising party star who managed to unify a group of often-disagreeing members: Carly…

Rep Kevin McCarthy


House Republicans repudiate McCarthy comments

House Republicans on Wednesday sharply repudiated Rep. Kevin McCarthy's comments that suggested the Benghazi oversight committee had succeeded by tarnishing…

John Oliver

Mark Davis/Getty Images

John Oliver to Colbert: 'I don't care' about Trump

Two of the most popular "Daily Show" alums, John Oliver and Stephen Colbert, met on Wednesday's "Late Show" to talk about the upcoming 2016 election, and of…

Hurricane Joaquin Oct 1

NOAA via Getty Images

Hurricane Joaquin rains on the 2016 race

Hurricane Joaquin is already taking a toll on the 2016 presidential race.


David Becker/Getty Images

Kanye West to perform at DNC fundraiser

Kanye West will be performing at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser Oct. 10 in San Francisco, California, and President Barack Obama is expected to be…

Cecile Richards

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Chaffetz fired up over Planned Parenthood

An impassioned Rep. Jason Chaffetz on Wednesday defended his grilling of Planned Parenthood's leader by saying it was motivated by budget concerns rather than…

Biden with governors

Pool via CNN

Biden to skip first debate; decision not imminent

Vice President Joe Biden has extended his window for deciding whether to jump into the 2016 presidential campaign, several Democrats say, allowing the contest…

Rubio Bush

Erika Dimmler/CNN, Fox News via CNN

Jeb Bush on Marco Rubio: He followed my lead

Jeb Bush painted his longtime ally Marco Rubio as a follower and Donald Trump as an "entertainer" on Wednesday, arguing in an interview with CNN's Dana Bash…

Colin Powell


Colin Powell: I'm still a Republican

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who endorsed President Barack Obama twice and came out in favor of the Iran nuclear deal a day before the…

Hillary Clinton file 4

Michael Gross/State Department

Next batch of Clinton emails: Aides fretted over hackers

Hillary Clinton's top State Department staffers discussed their use of private email -- with her chief of staff wondering if it'd invite hackers -- in 2011,…


Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Chaffetz blasts Secret Service for leaking info

Rep. Jason Chaffetz blasted the U.S. Secret Service for trying to smear him by leaking information about his prior job application to the agency.

"It's a…

Carson on TV


Nazi-like 'Hitler' could happen in U.S., Carson says

Ben Carson suggested on Wednesday that a Nazi-like force could come to power in the United States.

At a campaign event in New Hampshire, Carson noted that many…

Rep Kevin McCarthy


Clinton: McCarthy's Benghazi comments 'distressing'

Hillary Clinton has joined the chorus of Democrats knocking House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's suggestion that the House's investigation into the 2012…

Jeb Bush debating


Bush tells Trump to put on his 'big boy pants'

Jeb Bush and Donald Trump clashed over how to handle the Syrian refugee crisis -- and just about everything else, including whether Bush is really friends with…

Sanders Portland

Pool via CNN

Sanders nearly outraises Clinton

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign raised more than $28 million in the third fundraising quarter of 2015, a number only slightly more than the $25…

Trump hand podium


Trump: Some Muslims are a problem

Donald Trump says Muslims are "phenomenal" people. But some of them, he says, pose a problem for the country.

At a town hall in New Hampshire earlier this…

Debate front

From Fox News

CNBC raises the bar for upcoming GOP debate

Low-polling Republican presidential hopefuls like Rand Paul and Chris Christie will need to clear a higher bar in order to make the main stage at next month's…

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