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Montana race Zinke Juneau

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House Dems expand map as super PAC targets Montana

Democrats haven't won a race for a US House seat in the solidly red state of Montana in more than 20 years. But a Democratic super PAC is investing nearly…

Clinton emails campaign

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Clinton aide: Need to 'clean up' Obama answer on email server

A top Hillary Clinton adviser said President Barack Obama's answer on Clinton's private email use as secretary of state needed "clean up," according to hacked…

Venezuela crisis graphic

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4 reasons why Venezuela became the world's worst economy

Venezuela is edging closer every day to its breaking point.

Trump at Convo

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Trump warns of World War III if Clinton is elected

Donald Trump warned in an interview Tuesday that Hillary Clinton's policies as president to address the Syrian conflict would lead to World War III.

Donald Trump profile, September 2016

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Republicans go on offense over Obamacare

Obamacare's woes are back -- just two weeks before Election Day.

Donald Trump Smiling in PA

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Trump on whether election will be stolen: 'Ask Obama'

Donald Trump urged reporters Tuesday to talk to President Barack Obama when asked whether he still believes the presidential election may be stolen from him.

Colin Powell

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Colin Powell says he's voting for Clinton

Former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell said Tuesday he'll vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, a high-profile snub of his party's…

Clinton Oct 25


Clinton: Trump's 'final target is democracy itself'

Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump on Tuesday of seeking to dismantle American democracy, casting her opponent as a threat to the political system in a dire…


Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Congress may flip -- but dysfunction likely to stay

The Republican majority in the Senate -- and maybe even the House -- could be gone after this year's election.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus

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GOP schedules RNC member call as Election Day approaches

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has scheduled a Wednesday call with members of the party as Donald Trump continues to face a tough map…

Powerful voters - Colorado


Is Colorado the next blue state?

These days, Colorado is less of a battleground and more of a settling ground.



What Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton have promised to do to Obamacare

News that Affordable Care Act premiums are set to soar in 2017 represented yet another setback for President Barack Obama's signature policy, better known as…

Justin Timberlake ballot selfie

Justin Timberlake/Instagram via CNN

Did Justin Timberlake break a law while voting?

Kudos to Justin Timberlake for rocking the vote early.

While the pop star lives in California, he flew home to Tennessee to take advantage of early voting in…

Hillary Clinton Florida

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Poll: Most see a Clinton victory and a fair count ahead

Almost 7 in 10 voters nationwide say they think Hillary Clinton will win the presidency next month, but most say that if that happens, Donald Trump will not…

Donald Trump Oct 23

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Donald Trump: 'I have no interest in Trump TV'

Donald Trump says he has no interest in setting up "Trump TV" when the election ends.

Donald_Trump on Obamacare


Trump: Employees have 'tremendous problem' with Obamacare

Donald Trump claimed Tuesday during an event with staff at his resort here that his employees are having issues with Obamacare.

Trump, Clinton at charity dinner

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Election law doesn't care if Trump (or Clinton) ever concedes

The prospect of election night drama seems to dwindle with each new round of polling. But Donald Trump, perhaps trying to author a campaign cliffhanger, is…

Obama reads tweet

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Obama reads Trump's mean tweets about him

President Barack Obama got in on the trend of famous people reading mean tweets about themselves Monday, including a tweet from the man who hopes to replace…

Kellyanne Conway 2


How the GOP's first female presidential campaign manager manages Donald Trump

Morning at the Conway household is like mornings in most homes with children. It's a scramble to get the kids fed, dressed and out the door on time for school…

Trump Oct 24


Trump: 'I actually think we're winning'

Donald Trump told a crowd of supporters in Florida Monday that he is in the lead in the race for the White House, despite being behind in the majority of…

President Obama on Kimmel

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Obama admits to laughing at Trump during debates

He's castigated Donald Trump as a dangerous demagogue whose claims of a rigged election are eroding US democracy. But President Barack Obama said Monday his…

Trump newscast Facebook


Trump campaign launches nightly 'newscast' on Facebook

Donald Trump's campaign went live on Facebook on Monday night in what will be the first of two weeks of live shows to encourage supporters.

Obamacare signup

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Affordable Care Act premiums to soar 22%

Affordable Care Act premiums are set to skyrocket an average of 22% for the benchmark silver plan in 2017, according to a government report released Monday.

Kathleen Kane

Kathleen Kane Office via CNN

Ex-Pennsylvania AG sentenced to prison, probation

A judge sentenced former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane on Monday to 10 to 23 months in prison for committing multiple felonies stemming from a…

Obama stumps for Hillary Oct 24


Obama to donors: 'We want to win big'

A Hillary Clinton triumph in November will be made sweeter by a wide margin of victory, President Barack Obama told Democratic donors in California Monday.

Donald Trump throwback

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Trump walked off 1990 CNN interview

Donald Trump made news last week when he abruptly walked away from two local television interviews after he was asked tough questions from reporters.

Clinton on trail Oct 24


Clinton leads by 5 heading in to final two weeks

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 5 points as the presidential campaign heads into its final two weeks, with the Democratic nominee's support just shy of…

Clinton Trump AZ winners


The tumultuous 2016 campaign is in a sudden limbo

The most dramatic and unpredictable presidential election in decades is suddenly slipping into a strange state of suspended animation.

Donald Trump and his team…

GOP election voter

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US elections: Russian request to monitor vote gets a 'nyet'

Three states have said "nyet" to a Russian request to send its diplomats to monitor polling stations on Election Day, according to letters from state…

Russian flag

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American vigilante hacker sends Russia a warning

An American vigilante hacker -- who calls himself "The Jester" -- has defaced the website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in retaliation for attacks…

Hillary Clinton in Charleston, SC, Feb. 24, 2016

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Clinton looking past Trump to transition planning

Hillary Clinton is steadily moving her focus beyond Donald Trump, increasingly planning for what she believes will be her transition to the presidency after a…

Wonder Woman 2014

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Wonder Woman named UN ambassador

Apparently, it takes a superhero to advocate for the rights of women.

At least that's the message some people received when earlier Friday the United Nations…

Tom Hayden new


Tom Hayden, famed anti-Vietnam War activist, dies

Tom Hayden, a peace activist whose radical views helped spur the 1960s anti-Vietnam War movement, has died.

Trump Town Hall NH

Pool via CNN

Trump nabs first major newspaper endorsement

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has become the first major American newspaper to endorse Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. They've chosen do to so…

Obama Las Vegas Senate

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Obama turns his wrath on GOP Senate hopefuls

His deep disdain for Donald Trump now long established, President Barack Obama is turning his arrows on Republican lawmakers stuck with the GOP nominee,…

Donald Trump Oct 23

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Trump urges supporters to vote in GOP Congress

Donald Trump on Sunday linked the successful enactment of his policy agenda to the election of Republican majorities in the House and Senate, one day after he…

Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton to campaign with Michelle Obama for the first time

With mere weeks until Election Day, the Clinton campaign is committing considerable time to North Carolina.

Hillary Clinton and first lady Michelle Obama on…

Clinton Trump

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New poll shows Clinton over Trump by double-digits

Hillary Clinton has a 12-point lead over Donald Trump and has reached 50% support nationally among likely voters, a new ABC News tracking poll shows.

President Barack Obama, August 3, 2016

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Obama plans 150 down-ballot endorsements

President Barack Obama is taking an unprecedented step into down-ballot races in the final two weeks before the 2016 election.

Robby Mook

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Mook: No evidence of Clinton pay-to-play

Hillary Clinton's campaign manager denied Sunday Republican charges of ethical concerns over the Clinton Foundation and Democratic activists' actions at…

Lloyd Blankfein September 2014

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Goldman Sachs CEO discusses Clinton relationship

Is Goldman Sachs too cozy with the Clintons?

Kellyanne Conway 1


Top aide touts Donald Trump's 'drain the swamp' message

Donald Trump's campaign manager pitched Sunday his new call to "drain the swamp" of Washington.

Tim Kaine security address

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Kaine on trade deals: 'You never close the door'

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine says he and Hillary Clinton "aren't against trade."

AT&T, Time Warner merger


AT&T, Time Warner deal faces tough regulatory fight

Donald Trump says he doesn't think AT&T and Time Warner should merge. And Hillary Clinton might not want them to either.

Miley Cyrus campaigns for Hillary Clinton


The time Miley Cyrus knocked on dorm room doors to campaign for Clinton

For Miley Cyrus, Saturday's "Party in the USA" took place on the campus of George Mason University.

Paul Ryan day of sit-in

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Push to delay speaker election puts Ryan in political jam

In a renewed push that could put House Speaker Paul Ryan in a political jam, conservatives in the House are circulating a letter urging Republican leaders to…

Donald Trump Smiling in PA

Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

Trump makes 'closing argument,' again attacks accusers

Donald Trump on Saturday offered what his senior campaign aides billed as his "closing argument" in the presidential race just 17 days from its conclusion,…

Christie snow

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Bridgegate: More troubled waters for Christie

Chris Christie's former deputy chief of staff, Bridget Anne Kelly, finally broke her silence about the so-called Bridgegate scandal that virtually paralyzed a…

Hillary Clinton, American flag, Oct 2016

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Clinton adds staffers in Utah

Hillary Clinton's campaign has added more staffers to their operation in traditionally red Utah, a source with knowledge of the moves tells CNN.

Hillary Clinton campaign

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Powder at Clinton campaign HQ not hazardous

White powder that was sent to Hillary Clinton's campaign office in New York tested negative for harmful substances in a preliminary investigation, police said.

Donald Trump Jr

John Sommers II/Getty Images

Trump Jr. defends father's hot mic comments

Donald Trump Jr. says conversations like the one his father had in 2005 where he boasted about forcing himself on women and grabbing their genitals are "a fact…

Donald Trump

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Trump rips into possible AT&T-Time Warner deal

Donald Trump is trying to turn media consolidation into a campaign issue.

Donald Trump, Oct 15

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Trump says he'll sue accusers

Donald Trump vowed Saturday to sue the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct in recent weeks.

USS Decatur

By U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael Hight [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

US destroyer sails in South China Sea to make a point

A US Navy guided-missile destroyer, the USS Decatur, sailed through the South China Sea on Friday in a freedom of navigation operation intended to send a blunt…

Weird Al Yankovic

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Clinton, Trump get the Weird Al auto-tune treatment

With its relentless jabs and seemingly unyielding barrage of insults, the presidential race has seen its fair share of comic renditions.

But now, the election…

Arizona Democrat


Arizona Democrats sense momentum in final weeks of campaign

Harriett Freedman doesn't just sense the once reliably Republican state of Arizona is now a battleground. The 67-year-old grandmother and lifelong Democrat…

Clinton Foundation Logo

From Clinton Foundation via CNN Newsource

The Clinton Foundation's gender pay gap worried campaign

Hillary Clinton says men and women should make equal pay. But the Clinton Foundation's leadership team had an average $81,000 average gender pay gap, according…

Curt Schilling on CNN


Schilling asks Tapper: Why do Jews vote Democrat?

Curt Schilling threw CNN's Jake Tapper a curveball Friday when he asked why many Jews support the Democratic Party.

The legendary Boston Red Sox pitcher's…

Trump, Clinton at charity dinner

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Dolan: Trump, Clinton prayed together before Al Smith Dinner

The day after a tense debate where the two leading presidential candidates did not even shake hands, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump came together Thursday…

Rodrigo Duterte

Jes Aznar/Getty Images

White House: 'Filipino Mike Pence' walks back Duterte's words

The White House said Friday that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's announcement of his country's "separation" from the US was "offensive," as Duterte…

Biden in Scranton

Mark Makela/Getty Images

Does Joe Biden want to fight Donald Trump?

Vice President Joe Biden didn't pull any punches Friday when he appeared to suggest he wants to fight Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, saying he…

Person voting

Chris Audick/CNN

Early voting results promising for Clinton

There are hints of good news for Hillary Clinton in key battleground states as millions of Americans vote early, according to a CNN analysis of the latest…

Evan McMullin

McMullin for President via CNN

McMullin surge threatens to squeeze Trump's already narrow path to victory

Utah isn't supposed to be a swing state.

Bill Murray at White House


Bill Murray holds court with White House reporters

Actor and comedian Bill Murray surprised the White House press corps Friday by making an unexpected appearance in the White House briefing room.

Donald Trump at third debate

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Trump: How his 'rigged' claim may be seen by the world

He's claimed the US presidential election is "rigged" and refused to confirm if he will accept the result if he's beaten -- but has anyone else dared to tread…

Hillary Clinton and Al Gore

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Pre-endorsement, Clinton camp stressed about Gore

Before he endorsed Hillary Clinton's campaign, all was not well with Al Gore, her aides said in newly released emails hacked from her campaign chairman.

Donald Trump

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Trump accuses Clinton of 'pay for play' in Morocco

Donald Trump on Friday accused his rival Hillary Clinton of engaging in "pay for play" for accepting an invitation to speak at a Clinton Global Initiative…

Generic GOP Milwaukee debate

Scott Olson/Getty Images

First on CNN: GOP group runs first Senate ad calling for check and balance on White House

A key GOP interest group is set to run a new television ad calling on New Hampshire voters to re-elect their Republican senator as a check and balance for the…

Trump, Clinton at charity dinner

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Al Smith V says Trump 'took it a little too far'

Al Smith V, whose family hosts the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in New York, said Friday that Donald Trump "crossed the line and took it a little…

Al Smith dinner long shot


Al Smith dinner: Most memorable lines

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were under the same roof again, less than a day after the heated final presidential debate on Wednesday.

But anyone hoping for…

Hillary Clinton, Las Vegas, Oct 2016

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Clinton super PAC has best fundraising month

Hillary Clinton's top-dollar super PAC enjoyed its best month of the campaign in September, a spokesman said Thursday.

And billionaire environmentalist Tom…

Clinton Trump split, American flag, Oct 2016

Ethan Mille, Ty Wright/Getty Images

Polls continue to show tough map for Trump

A fresh set of polling out Friday showed Donald Trump continues to face a difficult path to winning the White House in key states -- including being…

Hillary Clinton Las Vegas

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Rep. Babin on Clinton: 'A lady needs to be told when she's being nasty'

Republican Rep. Brian Babin on Thursday defended Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton "a nasty woman" at the final presidential debate, saying "sometimes a…

Bernie Sanders in NH for Clinton

Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Sanders voters look for a path forward

For supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign, many are asking themselves this fall, "Are you selling out if you support Hillary Clinton?"


Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

Poll: Israelis strongly favor Clinton over Trump

Almost twice as many Israelis prefer Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump, bucking the recent trend of Republican presidential candidates winning more support than…

Maggie Hassan

Scott Eisen/Getty Images

N.H. Senate poll: Hassan 8 points up on Ayotte

A new poll of the New Hampshire Senate race finds Democratic nominee Maggie Hassan, the state's governor, taking a strong lead against sitting Republican Sen.…

President Obama Oct 5 2016

Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images

Obama personal email address in WikiLeaks hack

Correspondences with Barack Obama over his personal account before he was president are among John Podesta's emails in the latest document dump hack published…

Trump and Clinton charity dinner laughing

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Trump delivers harsh remarks on Clinton at charity dinner

Donald Trump abandoned decades of tradition Thursday night with a tough takedown of Hillary Clinton at an annual charity dinner that prompted booing of the…

Paul Ryan speaking to students


GOP lawmaker: Move to oust Ryan grows

The conservative Republican congressman who led the charge to oust former Speaker John Boehner is now agitating for the removal of his replacement.

Michelle Obama Arizona Oct 20


Michelle Obama, hoping to turn Arizona blue for Clinton, tears into Trump

First Lady Michelle Obama tore into Donald Trump in Arizona on Thursday, part of Hillary Clinton's effort to turn the reliably red state blue.

Clinton debate poll

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Did Hillary Clinton reveal classified intel at debate?

The Twitterverse was aflame in the hours after Wednesday night's debate with questions about whether or not Hillary Clinton divulged classified information…

Obama stumping for Hillary Oct 20


Obama slams Trump's 'rigged' election claims as 'dangerous'

President Barack Obama admonished Donald Trump Thursday, saying the Republican nominee's claims that he might not accept the results of next month's election…

Trump Clinton on TV screen

David McNew/Getty Images

About 70 million watch final presidential debate

About 71.6 million people tuned in for the third and final presidential debate of the year.

The total audience was smaller than the first Trump-Clinton face-off…

Trump debate cam

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Trump's advice in 2007 book: 'Accept blame' for 'painful defeats'

Donald Trump continued to cast doubt on the legitimacy of a potential Hillary Clinton victory on Election Day, telling those gathered at a rally Thursday he…

Sen John McCain

Win McNamee/Getty Images News

McCain to Trump: 'A concession isn't just an exercise in graciousness - it is an act of respect'

John McCain, the failed 2008 Republican nominee, has some advice for Donald Trump.

Trump_vs Clinton on taxes


Poll: Trump and Clinton neck-and-neck in Ohio

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are in a virtual tie in the battleground state of Ohio, according to a Suffolk University poll released Thursday.

Janet Jackson 2

Vincenzo Lombardo/Getty Images for Sergio Rossi

Janet Jackson hit soars on Spotify after 'nasty' debate

Spotify streams of Janet Jackson's 1986 hit single "Nasty" spiked 250% after Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton "such a nasty woman" during the final minutes…

Eminem, 2014 MTV Movie Awards

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for MTV

Eminem blasts Donald Trump in new single

Eminem on Wednesday unveiled a brand-new song titled "Campaign Speech" in which he takes on everyone from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to…



Trump: 'I will totally accept election results... if I win'

Donald Trump said Thursday he will accept the results of next month's election if he wins, a caveat that threatens to cast unprecedented doubt on the…

Clinton Trump at podiums Vegas debate

CNN, Pool via CNN Newsource

Trump refuses to say whether he'll accept election results

Donald Trump on Wednesday refused to say he would accept the result of the presidential election if he loses to Hillary Clinton, raising the possibility of an…

Trump and Clinton last debate

Mark Ralston-Pool/Getty Images

Presidential race hits final stretch following last debate

Donald Trump used the third and final presidential debate to dig himself into a deeper hole that only increases the threat to his presidential prospects.


Clinton Trump 3rd debate vid

CNN, pool, Facebook/Bustle/Michael Borowski, Twitter/@SuperDanCas, Twitter/@alancross

Republicans slam Trump for questioning election

Republicans were quick to condemn comments from their party's nominee, when Donald Trump refused to say he'd accept the outcome of the presidential election.

Vegas Debate Reverse Angle

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Third presidential debate: 5 takeaways

In the last third of the final debate, Donald Trump fell apart.

Trump speaking at debate


Trump: 'We have some bad hombres here'

The headlines Thursday morning will be about how Donald Trump declined to say he will accept the result of the election.

But turn to Twitter -- that barometer…

Clinton debate poll

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Poll: Clinton wins third presidential debate

Hillary Clinton won the final presidential debate, topping Donald Trump by a 13-point margin according to a CNN/ORC poll of debate watchers, giving Clinton a…


Dana Garrett/CNN

Georgia won't extend voter registration deadline

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, some Georgia residents living along the coast were unable to register to vote before the deadline. However, a federal judge…

Clinton Trump fact check nu

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

CNN's Reality Check Team vets the claims

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met Wednesday for their final debate, and CNN's Reality Check Team spent the night analyzing their claims.

The team of…

Clinton Trump puppet

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Clinton: Trump would be Putin's 'puppet'

Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that Donald Trump would be a "puppet" for Russian President Vladimir Putin, if the Republican presidential nominee were elected…

Trump debate cam

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Trump: Iraq fighting in Mosul to help Clinton

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump suggested Wednesday that Iraqi forces have launched a major, months-long offensive on an ISIS stronghold to help…

Clinton pad

Joe Raedle/Getty Image

Trump vs. Clinton III: The most memorable lines

With just under three weeks until Election Day, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton met Wednesday night for their third and final presidential debate.


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Trump and Carson at debate

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GOP candidates clash in Colorado

Senate debate CNBC

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GOP presidential debate takeaways