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Trump Netanyahu

Prime Minister's Press Office via CNN

Trump, Clinton each meet Israeli PM Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Hillary Clinton Sunday night at a New York hotel, after conferring earlier in the day with Donald Trump for…

Donald Trump in Iowa July 18, 2015

Scott Olson/Getty Images

The weekend America's newspapers called Donald Trump a liar

On the weekend leading up to 2016's first presidential debate, four news organizations came to a similar and sweeping conclusion: Donald Trump lies more often…


Darren McCollester/Scott Eisen/Getty

Voters say this election is about 'lesser of two evils'

American voters are unhappy.

Paul Ryan CNN town hall

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Ryan responds to Trump's inner cities comments

Donald Trump's campaign manager on Sunday chided President Barack Obama over his response to the GOP nominee's assertion that African-American communities are…

H Clinton, D Trump

Jessica Kourkounis, Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Debate commission chief: Candidates should fact-check each other

The Commission on Presidential Debates has some advice for debate moderators this fall: leave the fact-checking to the candidates.

The Trump campaign is taking…

Lester Holt

Michael Loccisano/Getty

How Lester Holt is getting ready for debate

Lester Holt has called on several NBC News colleagues for advice as he prepares for the biggest night of his career.

Former NM Gov Gary Johnson

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Gary Johnson's climate moonshot: We have to inhabit other planets

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson offered an outta this world solution on Sunday to the planet's environmental crises.

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Trump and Carson at debate

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

GOP candidates clash in Colorado

Senate debate CNBC

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

GOP presidential debate takeaways