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Jeb Bush, February 2014

Andy Jacobsohn/Getty Images

5 takeaways from Jeb Bush emails

A trove of emails from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's time in Tallahassee reveal a hands-on chief executive who was a prolific Blackberry user.

Bush, who is…

Rand Booker hair


Booker offers hairstyle advice to Paul

Democrat Cory Booker and Republican Rand Paul are a rare bipartisan Senate pair who have found areas of agreement, but one issue remains deeply divisive for…

Alan Gross lands in US

Sen. Jeff Flake/Twitter

U.S. pays Alan Gross $3.2 million

The U.S. Agency for International Development has paid Alan Gross $3.2 million, settling a claim over the former contractor freed last week by Cuba after five…

Obama in front of flag

Emily Schultze/CNN

Poll: Obama ends year on an upswing

Improving views of the economy have helped hike President Barack Obama's approval rating to a 20-month high, a new CNN/ORC poll showed Tuesday, as markets…

Political play satire Tail! Spin!

Play is verbatim DC sex scandals

Mark Twain first told us that truth can be stranger than fiction, which is of course true. But in this instance, it's funnier, too.

Chris Christie

REUTERS/Jeff Zelevansky

Christie faults Obama on Cuba and Sony

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie sharply criticized President Obama's decision to normalize relations with Cuba, saying he did not get enough out of the…

Michael Grimm


Grimm pleads guilty but won't resign

After pleading guilty to a judge Tuesday on a felony tax evasion charge, New York Rep. Michael Grimm, a Republican, pledged to reporters he would also stay in…

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Prince George

Marty Melville/Pool/Reuters

The British Monarchy

JFK side profile

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

The legacy of JFK

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