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EU flags, European Union flags

Wes Little/CNN

How populism could shake up Europe

Energized by President-elect Donald Trump's victory, Europe's populist movements are on the cusp of sweeping far-right, nationalist and euroskeptic parties…

Ash Carter at Pentagon

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Ash Carter signals support for Mattis

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter on Saturday sounded support for retired Gen. James Mattis, President-elect Donald Trump's choice to be his successor, but at…

Tsai Ing-wen president of Taiwan

Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

China lodges complaint over Trump-Taiwan call

China's foreign ministry said Saturday it has lodged a complaint with the United States over a controversial phone call between President-elect Donald Trump…

Donald Trump thank you tour

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Joint Chiefs prep military strategy plans for Trump and top commanders

The Joint Chiefs of Staff are finalizing a classified military strategy they plan to present to President-elect Donald Trump detailing the military challenges…

Jill Stein, August 2016

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Stein drops statewide Pennsylvania recount case

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein said Saturday she is dropping her bid for a statewide election recount in Pennsylvania.

Citing a major cost placed…

Phil Duterte

Jes Aznar/Getty Images

Duterte: Trump says Philippines tackling drug problem 'the right way'

President-elect Donald Trump told Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte that he is going about his controversial fight against drugs "the right way," Duterte…

KT McFarland

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Trump deputy national security pick scrubs herself from Internet

KT McFarland, Donald Trump's pick to be his deputy national security adviser, has taken down her website, Twitter account, and public Facebook account.


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Trump and Carson at debate

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GOP candidates clash in Colorado

Senate debate CNBC

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GOP presidential debate takeaways