The next time you head to the polls in La Crosse County, you'll be voting on a new type of ballot. 

The county has replaced all their voting machines. La Crosse County Clerk Ginny Dankmeyer says the old machines were 15-to-20-years-old and were breaking down and it was difficult to get replacement parts. 

Dankmeyer says the new machines will have new security features to make elections more accurate. 

Voting should also be easier. Instead of completing an arrow on the ballot, voters just fill in a circle. 

Dankmeyer said they’re training poll workers on the new machines to get them ready for the next election.

"You always want to make sure elections go off without any problems and when you get the new equipment it's learning the new things that could possibly go wrong on election day, the new coding the ballots, so it's definitely nerve wracking but I think in the end it will be a good thing for everybody,” Dankmeyer said. 

The county has been looking to get new machines for a while, but with the recalls, they've been busy with 17 elections in the past few years.