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Barrett statement on jobs numbers

(Press release from Tom Barrett for Governor)

MILWAUKEE, Wis. -- "When it has suited him, Scott Walker has happily referenced the standard jobs statistics that basically everyone in the country uses.

"But since these regular, trusted numbers clearly show that Wisconsin leads the nation in jobs loss on his watch, Walker is desperate to distract from his worst-in-the-country jobs record.

"In a move that is virtually unheard of, Scott Walker is suddenly trotting out an altogether new set of unverified numbers - three weeks before an election - to mask his economic failure.

"Walker ran on a campaign promise to create 250,000 jobs and 10,000 businesses over four years. He is failing on both counts and is desperate to change the conversation on jobs with an election looming.

"Today's cynical announcement isn't about how best to calculate job growth in Wisconsin – this is about Scott Walker pulling political stunts to save his own job."

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