Governor Scott Walker visited Xetex, Inc. in La Crosse as part of his Blueprint for Prosperity Tour.

Xetex is an air-to-heat exchanger manufacturer.

In Wednesday night's state of the state address, Governor Walker said the state's economy is improving. Because of that he wants to direct about half of the state's anticipated surplus to tax cuts.

The Governor also called for a $35 million expansion of job training programs to help companies like Xetex grow.

"The employers overwhelmingly tell me they need more skilled workers," Governor Walker said. "They're willing to take them on. They're willing to partner because they desperately need. And that's not just an issue for filling the jobs that are open today. As we get forward thinking on this issue, as we get more people in the pipeline, employers tell us repeatedly here and elsewhere, that they would take on more work if they knew they had a steady supply of welders, machinists and other key positions."

Governor Walker also wants to put a portion of the surplus money into the state's rainy day fund.

The Governor is running for re-election this year. His opponent is Democrat Mary Burke. She says she would use the state's surplus money to pay down debt, arget property tax relief to middle class residents, and put toward worker training.