Donald Trump wins Wisconsin

Donald Trump wins Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. - Wisconsin voters have spoken. While a typically Democratic state, Wisconsin voted Republican Tuesday night. 

The 2016 campaign has been dominated by explicit sexual content and racially charged rhetoric. Fuming crowds at Donald Trump's rallies harnessed their hatred of Hillary Clinton with the chant, "Lock her up." Clinton, meanwhile, depicted a Trump victory as an apocalyptic event.

Trump in his final week on the campaign trail, leaned heavily on the FBI's review of new emails that may be linked to Clinton's private email server, highlighted the stark contrast between his policies and those of his Democratic rivals, and criticized the strategy underpinning the US's fight against ISIS.

Clinton has received unprecedented support from American women as she seeks to break the ultimate glass ceiling. Female celebrities like Katy Perry and Beyonce have led rallies for her, and women make up 58% of her campaign donors, according to OpenSecrets.org, which tracks political fundraising.

Clinton's has leaned heavily on its ground game to turn out voters early in key swing states, trying to "bank" votes before Election Day.

Trump becomes the first Republican since Ronald Reagan in 1984 to win Wisconsin

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