The candidates in the race for the 3rd Congressional seat have different ideas about how and when our troops should return from Afghanistan.

Democratic Congressman Ron Kind says Afghan troops are ready to assume a larger role in their country to allow our troops to come home.

He was in Afghanistan last week, meeting with members of the Wisconsin National Guard's 1157th Transportation Company.

Kind's Republican opponent, Ray Boland, says it's a mistake to set a firm withdrawal date. "This is not a situation where as of this date we take our ball and go home. What is our long-term strategy to build long-term stability and peace in that region working with emerging governments like Afghanistan and Iraq?" said Boland.

"We're spending 2 billion dollars a week trying to rebuild Afghanistan when we have nation building to do at home. our troops are tired. The sacrifice has been unparalleled, but it's time to bring them home so they can help with the nation building right here," said Kind.

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