8. How long have you lived in La Crosse?

I grew up in West Salem, then 3 years at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, 32 years in Fairbanks Alaska visiting family in La Crosse every other year while helping local candidates and working on various issues. I have been very active in many good issues for the last 5 years since returning to La Crosse.

9. What do you like most and least about living in La Crosse?

I love to run my husky dogs on the marsh trails. I love all the world class parks and trails rivers bluffs and all the healthy active people. I like how local business and musicians enjoy when I videotape to upload to youtube. I have made hundreds of video sharing webpages, and uploaded thousands of videoclips of La Crosse music and events to promote local business.

I hate seeing homes destroyed for tax free parking lots.

I hate seeing potholes half fixed over and over instead on packing it down flat to make it last.

(A tiny bit of extra time to fix potholes right will save money on redoing it and save wear on vehicles. potholes not packed down, they just toss asphalt in and let cars spatter it down then there is dips then water collects freeze thaw and blast it out, to be half-fixed again and again, instead of packing it level and tossing a handful of sand to seal the top, so it will last long on the roads we have made, a few scant extra moments will save money)

10. Tell us about your family.

I have devoted my life to public service and for the good of all children. My father lives here and I continue to talk with him on all important issues in my life. I brought my husky dogs Kodiak and Icycle back from Alaska, we run the trails and visit children every day. Carla is my girlfriend and political editor and best friend, we all spend a lot of time at Myrick park and Hixon forest, I hope to make her my wife.