• On Tuesday, August 2nd, State Senator Dan Kapanke and State Representative Jennifer Shilling met in a debate at the News 8 studio before the 32nd Senate District recall election. The debate was sponsored by WKBT News 8 and The La Crosse Tribune.

  • Watch the full debate below by clicking on each questions thumbnail (see right) or click the "WATCH" link at the end of each question.

  • Welcome to the 32nd Senate District Debate WATCH

  • Opening Statements WATCH

  • Question 1: Could you cite a specific example where you worked in a bipartisan manner to try and get something done for western Wisconsin? WATCH

  • Question 2: Do you agree or disagree with Governor Walker's decision to reject high speed rail money for Wisconsin? WATCH

  • Question 3: Is Wisconsin heading in the right direction and what steps can the legislature take, in the remainder of this session, to ensure the best future for Wisconsin residents? WATCH

  • Question 4: Would you consider implementing changes to the recall process to make it easier or more difficult to recall elected officials or are you happy with the recall statutes the way they are? WATCH

  • Question 5: If either of you had been responsible for writing either the budget adjustment or the budget bill earlier this year, how would you plans have been different from your parties? WATCH

  • Question 6: Governor Walker recently announced a net gain of about 9500 jobs in Wisconsin in June. Is that number good news for the state or are there qualifications to that number? WATCH

  • Question 7: Do you agree with the governor that the state was broke and was it necessary to take the drastic measure of removing collective bargaining to balance the budget? WATCH

  • Question 8: Concealed Carry - Do either of you believe it will make us safer? Why or why not? WATCH

  • Question 9: Who's controlling your campaigns and who's decided to make politics so negative? WATCH

  • Question 10: What parts of Governor Walker's budget did you like, what didn't you like? WATCH

  • Question 11: How do you fix, or do you fix, the way rural school districts are funded? WATCH

  • Question 12: Per capita income in western Wisconsin is traditionally below the state average. What can the state legislature do to improve income levels in western Wisconsin? WATCH

  • Question 13: The school voucher program in Milwaukee is expanding into Racine. Do you agree with the governor's decision to expand this program and would you expand it even further in the state? WATCH

  • Question 14: The governor recently asked the state's largest teachers union, WEAC, to participate in reforming the state's accountability system for education (opting ou of No Child Left Behind) and WEAC declined. Do you think WEAC's position not to participate in talks is correct? WATCH

  • Question 15: What are your plans for job creation in the 32nd District? WATCH

  • Question 16: What changes politically in Wisconsin if you win the race or lose the race? WATCH

  • Closing Statements WATCH




    • Kapanke/Shilling Debate

      State Senator Dan Kapanke and State Representative Jennifer Shilling met for a debate in the News 8 studio ahead of the August 9th 32nd Senate District recall…

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