The start of college classes means the return of parking problems in some parts of La Crosse.

Police say there are a few parking violations they frequently see in campus areas and surrounding neighborhoods. Most of them have to do with timed parking zones, where cars are only allowed to park for an hour or two at a time.

Police want to remind drivers that just moving your car up the block is not enough to avoid those parking limits. Instead, you have to either move your car across the street or around the corner.

They also say you shouldn't rely on painted curbs to tell you where you can and can't park.

"There were some old paint marks that the city used to actually spray paint the curbs where people could and couldn't park, now we're no longer using those, so you've got to be aware of the signs," said Officer Brooke Pataska. "Make sure and look where you are parking to see what the sign says specifically, not necessarily the paint mark on the curb."

Police are also reminding people not to park within 15 feet of a crosswalk, 4 feet of a driveway and 10 feet from a fire hydrant.