Plans for Memorial Pool replacement move to La Crosse City Council

Memorial Pool plans moving forward

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Plans to replace La Crosse's Memorial Pool are moving ahead to the city council.

A consulting firm hired to look at several different options says building a new aquatic center at Forest Hills near the road would be their top choice. That recommendation was based on considerations like access to utilities and site restrictions.

However, La Crosse's Board of Park Commissioners went against the consulting firm's recommendation Thursday night requesting the city do a feasability study, only considering options at the existing Memorial Pool site.

One council member says it helps create a focus for the project moving forward.

"There was a public forum, many people expressed their desire for us to pick something move along in a new direction. Not a new direction, but focus our energy in a direction," said council member Jacqueline Marcou.

Some people are not happy that the Board of Park Commissioners went against the consulting firm's recommendation.

They also feel the city is missing out on a big opportunity by not looking more closely at an indoor facility that can be used year-round and draw people in from outside the area.

"I'm hoping that there's still an option to listen to the needs of people that have other needs for pools, whether it's therapy, recreation, swimming lessons for school kids, people who'd like to use a pool more than 55 days a year," said Sara Heffernan.

Of the people who filled out surveys about how to replace Memorial Pool, 178 said the city should build an outdoor facility and 124 said the new pool should be indoors.

The council does not have to take the board's recommendation.

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