Troops who return home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder often find the help they need in a service dog.

An organization here in our area specializes in training service dogs for veterans.

Paws 4 Independence can also train the animals to work with adults or children with diabetes, seizure disorders, or dementia.

Paws uses a unique method.  Instead of training dogs separately from the people they'll be serving, they're trained together, making the transition from training to every life seamless.

"If somebody has a seizure disorder the dog will learn how to pick-up on those seizures and alert that person before they're going to hit so that person can get to a safe place," says Paws founder and Executive Director Marcie Jenson.  "With the veterans a lot of times they'll wake up with nightmares and the dog will lay right on them."

Paws 4 Independence is holding its big fundraiser for the year on Saturday, Sept. 7th from 1 - 6 p.m. at the American Legion on Sand Lake Road in Onalaska.  Everybody, including dogs, are welcome.  There will be food, live music, the opportunity to have your pet micro-chipped, bake sale, bounce house, and door prizes.

Learn more about the organization at .