Two parents in Rochester, N.Y., say their children were drunk and hungover the next day after they were served mimosas during brunch at a local restaurant.

Jeremy and Dawn DeRoo told Rochester TV station WHAM their 7-year-old daughter said the orange juice tasted funny, but her mother just thought it was a different brand and told her it was OK to drink.

They realized there was alcohol in their kids' drinks after hearing people at another table complain that the orange juice tasted like mimosas.

The server apologized, and gave the kids milk, but it was too late.

The DeRoos' children were drunk. They slept most of the day on Sunday and reported symptoms similar to being hungover the next morning, UPI reported.

Restaurant owner Danny Daniele said it was Bazil restaurant's first Sunday brunch, and that the juice containers may have gotten mixed up.

He apologized to the DeRoos after learning of the incident and sent them an email offering a refund, which the DeRoos told WHAM they don't plan to use.