LA FARGE, Wis. -

Organic Valley is tearing down a large portion of its headquarters in La Farge as it recovers from a devastating fire.

The May 14th fire left a third of the building condemned so that portion is being torn down.

The middle portion of the building had heavy smoke and fire damage. That is being gutted and rebuilt.

In the mean time, employees are using trailers parked nearby or temporary office space in Cashton and Westby.

The company says even with all the disruptions, they haven't missed a beat. "The cows don't stop producing milk, we had to pick up the milk, making sure that all the orders from our customers were being serviced and getting the bills out, and we did not miss a pick up of milk, we didn't miss an order, and I think we were sending out our bills within two days of the fire," said Gary McGeorge from Organic Valley.

The company hopes to have the middle portion of the building completed by November first, and the rest of the structure rebuilt by next August.