A recent study had found Onalaska to be one of the top ten cities in Wisconsin for home ownership.

An upward trend of new housing permits in the city was to thank for the ranking, according to Onalaska’s Land Use and Development Director Brea Grace.

The San Francisco-based company NerdWallet looked at home availability, affordability, and area growth in cities with a population of 10,000 or more to determine the rankings. Of the 85 Wisoconsin cities rated in the study Onalaska had a ranking of eight.

"We have great healthcare, we have great education, now we have great housing, and those are really three of the underpinnings of a great economy, and underpinnings of a great city," said Onalaska Mayor Joe Chilsen.

Another study NerdWallet conducted in January found that Onalaska was third in the state for job seekers.