The city of Onalaska is preparing to update the way it collects trash and recycling.

Both La Crosse and Onalaska will be switching to an automated system for collection next year.

La Crosse residents will be able to choose between three cart sizes, but in Onalaska, all residents will be receiving two 65 gallon carts, one for trash and one for recycling. "We are hoping to reduce our refuse tonnage going to the incinerator and the landfill by this process. We feel there will be a lot more recycling, the recycling containers are bigger than our existing 18 gallon totes, so we'll be able to recycle more," said Onalaska's City Engineer Jarrod Holter.

Cart delivery is expected to start around Thanksgiving, but the automated trucks won't come around until the first week in January.

Also, Onalaska is altering its pick up schedule. Those dates will be included in a brochure sent out with the carts or can be found on the city's website.