Hundreds of pounds of unwanted and unused medications are being collected in the Coulee Region.

The drug drop-off put on by the Onalaksa Police Department on Saturday works to prevent  and cut down on prescription drug abuse in the area.

Residents are able to drop off unused medication at four different sites, including the Onalaska Police Department .

The drop-off accepts any prescription or over the counter medication.

Authorities say these drop-off events are beneficial for many reasons.

"One, you get rid of medications out of your house so they do not fall into the wrong hands, whether that be children who mistakenly take them, or someone who is abusing them. Two, you know it keeps them out of our environment. They're disposed of properly so it doesn't get into the groundwater and affect things," said Onalaska Police Department Sgt. Jasson Jobe.

The police department will host another prescription drug drop off in February.