More people and businesses continue to organize efforts to help those in need in Oklahoma, but for a local State Farm agent, it's personal.

Kerri Bandell is an agent in Onalaska. She was born and raised in Oklahoma and moved here for work.

Now, she and her husband rented a 26 foot U-haul, which they're hoping to fill with donations of supplies people need right now, things like hand sanitizer, diapers, and pre-packaged foods.

All of that will go down to some of the more rural areas that need the aid.

Kerri says the outpouring of support has been amazing, but the people cannot be forgotten. "Everybody helps the first week, and it's the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 12th week that they really need more, so us bringing us this down at the end of the 2nd week is going to be a huge help," said Bandell.

She and the rest of the State Farm team in Onalaska will be taking those donations Tuesday, May 28th and Wednesday, May 29th from 8:30 until 5:00 at their office. It's located at 1288 Rudy Street, right across from Brenengen Chevrolet.

Right now, they're not looking for clothes, toys or furniture.