On this day: September 26

Published On: Sep 25 2012 11:33:14 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 26 2016 01:00:00 AM CDT

Sir Francis Drake completes his trip around the world, Nixon and Kennedy square off on TV, the Beatles release "Abbey Road," and an acting legend passes away, all on this day.

OTD September 26 - Ivan Pavlov
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1849: Physiologist and Nobel Prize laureate Ivan Pavlov, known primarily for his work in classical conditioning, is born in Ryazan, Russian Empire. Pavlov is most famous for his concept of "conditioned reflex," discovered while examining the rates of salivations among dogs. Pavlov discovered that then when a buzzer, metronome, bell or other stimuli provided to a dog before food, the dog will initially salivate when the food is presented. The dog later came to associate the stimuli with the presentation of the food and salivated upon the presentation of just that stimulus. Pavlov died of double pneumonia at age 86 on Feb. 27, 1936.

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