On this day: February 7

Published On: Feb 06 2013 06:01:03 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 07 2016 01:00:00 AM CST

The Mississippi River is rocked by earthquakes, Baltimore burns, Chaplin debuts "The Tramp," The Beatles arrive in America, and space shuttle astronauts make the first untethered spacewalk, all on this day.

OTD February 7 - Josef Mengele
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1979: Josef Mengele, the German SS officer and a Auschwitz concentration camp physician known as the "Angel of Death," dies while swimming in the Atlantic Ocean near the resort town of Bertioga, Brazil, either by drowning or as the result of a stroke. Mengele, who had been living incognito in South America for three decades and was buried under the name "Wolfgang Gerhard," wasn't positively identified until his body was exhumed six years later. Mengele, seen here in a 1956 photo taken by a police photographer in Buenos Aires for his Argentine identification document, was one of the more notorious figures to emerge from the Third Reich in World War II. He supervised the selection of victims during the Holocaust, condemning some to death and others to forced labor while also performing bizarre and murderous experiments on some prisoners.

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