The Oktoberfest Royal Family visited WKBT-News 8 on Thursday morning.

As part of their tour, Special Fester Conner Ellis, 9, got a chance to get some green screen experience and talk about the weather with StormTeam 8 Meteorologist Bill Graul. Conner tells us he wants to be a meteorologist when he grows up.

Conner and his family live on Brice Prairie. He’s in third grade at Sand Lake Elementary School. Conner, who was diagnosed with autism, gives back to the community with his can crushing business and donates a portion of his proceeds to Chileda Institute in La Crosse.

The Royal Family also toured News 8's newly renovated newsroom.

Conner Ellis and Bill Graul
Conner Ellis
Conner Ellis at News 8
Conner Ellis and Bill Graul