Clues for the 2016 La Crosse Oktoberfest Medallion Hunt

Clue #3 -- Wednesday, Sept. 21

Born with humble beginnings and later known as ‘Black Jack,’
Survived many a Mexican and Southern attack;
Started as Cameron but later came this change,
Eventually lasting through even a building exchange.

Clue #2 -- September 20th
Chicago, Santa Fe, Milwaukee, Green Bay and others,
Served so much more than wayfaring voyageurs;
Throughout the years they merged and disappeared,
Only two remain among the engineered.

Clue #1 -- September 19th
As the days get shorter there’s a chill in the air,
Listen carefully as each medallion clue helps you prepare;
Family, friends and fun promised in 2016,
All while the leaves begin changing from green.

The Oktoberfest medallion is hidden on public property in La Crosse city limits, is not buried but may be camouflaged, and fits in the palm of your hand. It is accessible 24 hours a day but please be respectful of posted hours.

The person who finds the medallion will see a contact name and number on the backside of it. You must have a 2016 Oktoberfest button to claim the medallion prize, which includes a cash prize, gift certificates, Oktoberfest merchandise and a replica of the medallion.

Visit the official Oktoberfest website.