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News 8 Eye Piece: Christmas Tree Harvest

News 8 Eye Piece Stories

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Crafting Cupcakes

    image: cupcakes

    In this week's News 8 Eye Piece, photographer Alex Costello takes us to Addiecakes in downtown La Crosse.

  • Eye Piece: F Troop

    EYE PIECE: F Troop


    American Legion firing squads are kept busy throughout the year.

  • Eye Piece: that's pretty cool

    Eye Piece: That's Pretty Cool


    T-shirts are a popular way to commemorate special events and festivals especially this time of year.

  • Eye Piece: band camp

    Eye Piece: Band Camp


    Tomorrow is the first home game of the season for UW-La Crosse Eagles football, which means the first on-field performance for the Screaming Eagles Marching…

  • Eye Piece: Our New Turf

    Eye Piece: Our New Turf


    Last week Logan High School unveiled its new playing surface at Swanson Field. But it wasn't the only place in the La Crosse School District with a new green…

  • Eye Piece: Farm to Classroom

    image; Farm to school

    In this week's Eye Piece, Photographer John Schmidt takes us to a farm in Onalaska that may have found the key.

  • Eye Piece: On Air

    Eye Piece: On Air


    For nearly forty years, radio listeners in Winona have been waking of up with a familiar voice. In this week's News 8 Eye Piece photographer Greg White…

  • Eye Piece: Creatures of Lark

    Lark Toys

    At 20,000 square feet Lark Toys in Kellogg, Minnesota is one of the biggest family owned and operated toy stores in the country.

  • Eye Piece: last one running

    Last One Running


    For well over a century, the Trempealeau County Fair has played host to all sorts of competitions

  • News Eye Piece: Tractor Ride

    image: Eye Piece tractors

    If you were traveling the country roads in Vernon county last weekend you may have seen more traffic on the road than usual.

  • Eye Piece: phantom of the lab

    Eye Piece phantom of the lab


    Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a prosthetic limb for an amputee?

  • Eye Piece: summer splash

    Summer Splash


    With summer weather upon us, that leaves some area residents looking for a way to cool off.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: 4-H Rockets

    image; model rocket

    When NASA scientists start a space mission, they begin with months of planning.

  • Eye Piece: Transition tour

    Segway ordinance


    As summer sets in, tourists from all over set out to enjoy all that La Crosse has to offer.

  • Eye Piece: Where They're Heard

    Hear, Here, 650


    Just over a year ago La Crosse welcomed a new way to tour downtown.

  • Eye Piece: Respect the flag

    Respect the flag


    Tuesday is flag day and one of several days throughout the year that people devote to flying 'old glory'.

  • Eye Piece: Monumental Task

     With Memorial Day weekend upon us, many in our community may be visiting memorial markers of loved ones.

  • Eye Piece: Trash Picking

    Tonight's Eyepiece News 8 followed S&S cycle doing some off road work.

  • Eye Piece: Rudy's roller skating car hops

    Rudy's Drive In is a staple in La Crosse, but it hasn't always had the charm of the roller skating car hops.

  • Eye Piece: Not Grilled

    May is national barbecue month and with warmer temperatures in the forecast, many area residents will be cooking in their backyards.

News 8 Photographers

Chuck Oedsma


Chuck Oedsma

Chuck Oedsma is the Chief Photographer at WKBT-TV.

John Schmidt


John Schmidt

John Schmidt is a Photographer at WKBT-TV.

Greg White


Greg White

Greg White is a photographer at WKBT-TV.